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Brief Background

Canadian TV journalist Merella Fernandez was born in Karachi and has lived in Canada since the age of one. Her parents, Eulogio and Maura are from Goa - father from Nadora. and mother from Anjuna. She is the youngest of six shildren (one boy, five girls in that order). Merella herself last visited Goa in 1999 and writes, “Goa is beautiful -- the beaches were fantastic and so was the food.” She plays basketball and loves climbing.

OCCUPATION: Reporter/Anchor, "CityPulse" & CP24

SHOW DESCRIPTION: "CityPulse" is Toronto News. All Day, Every Day, the City is our Newsroom. Intensely-local and urban-oriented, we focus on the 'Day in the Life' realities of people's lives with a visual realism that speaks directly to those that call Toronto home. "CityPulse" is seen daily at Noon, Six and 11:00pm on Citytv and CP24. "CityPulse" ... What Toronto is Talking About Today.

BACKGROUND: Merella knows what it means to work her way up. She began her career in television at CTV answering phones and checking the fax machine. But it wasn’t long before she was writing for both CTV News and Canada AM. Deciding it was time for a change, she made the move over to Citytv where she was hired as a writer in 1998. Soon Merella was demonstrating her journalistic talents both behind the camera and in front, as a reporter and anchor for “CityPulse” and CP24. Today when asked what she loves most about her job, Merella says above all else, the adrenaline rush!

EDUCATION: A graduate of Carleton University's Journalism program.

WHAT SHE LOVES: A good mystery novel, writing, people-watching and travelling. Her most memorable excursion was a life-changing trip to India where she explored her roots.

QUOTE: "Live out of your imagination, not your history."

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Some references
14 May 2004
Headline: TV broadcasters debate diversity in newsrooms..

Excerpt: CityPulse weekend anchor Merella Fernandez acknowledged that visible minorities have made tremendous progress in the industry in the past five years. She said she was impressed when her boss at Citytv assigned Francis D'Souza, another South Asian reporter from India, as her co-anchor 18 months ago.

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