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The Nairobi Institute Centenary
Past and current NI Chairmen at the Anniversary Ball
From left to right: Neves Vaz, Crescent Fernandes, Tony Fernandes, Saude George, Clive D’Souza (obscured), Manu Carvalho, AM D’Souza, Vincent Azavedo, Tony Reg D’Souza (obscured), Mrs Julie Carvalho, Rolen Braganza, Tony Gomes, S Sodi, Ralph Colaco and Pritchard Coutinho.
The Centenary Celebrations
By Norma Menezes-Rahim
Social Director - Goan Association London
The Nairobi Institute festivities commenced for the Goan Association London group with the Bar-b-que on Saturday 4 June 2005. Back came the memories of the wooden spring floor as all danced into the very early hours of the morning. A delicious bar-b-que meal was served on the roof top of the NI washed down by several cold Tuskers and other alcoholic drinks!

By Wednesday 8 June at the Out of Africa Cocktail event, the rest of the London group who had arrived were in attendance in full force to this African themed party created by the dress code and the spectacular decorations.

The Chief Guest was the Vice President of Kenya, His Excellency Hon Moody Awori and other Guests included Surendra Kumar High Commissioner of India to Kenya, Julio Fransico de Sales Mascarenhas Ambassador of Portugal in Nairobi. Various representatives of overseas and local Sister Institutions were also present together with their members and guests.

The Vice President hailed the Institute a recreational facility, for producing prominent personalities and sportsmen who have played a key role in the country's development.
"The Goans have remained at the forefront on all development matters, especially in uplifting the lives of many poor Kenyans" Mr Awori said.

A little later on that evening there was a chance to try one's luck at the Casino.

The Variety Concert "Typical Joao" held the following day was thoroughly entertaining and 11 year old Perpetin excelled in portraying the story of a Kenyan Goan covering three generations over the century. As expected there was plenty of humour and song.

Whilst I did not personally attend the 'the good old' sing along Karaoke Nite, I am reliably informed by those that attended that the multitude of voices that contributed to singing made it a night to remember.

The main centenary celebrations peaked on Saturday 11 June with the Thanksgiving Mass in the morning preceded by the blessing of the cars. The Chief Celebrant was Rev Fr Pelin D'Souza and with his Con-Celebrants offered Mass with hymns in English Kiswahili and Konkani. The N I Centenary Introduction was composed by Agnelo Carneiro. Traditional grams sorpotel and sanaas were served after Mass.

The Anniversary Ball at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre with the striking decor, Big City Band - Goa's Top Band set the scene for the evening. The Chief Guest was Mr & Mrs Surendra Kumar High Commissioner of India to Kenya. A delicious dinner was served, the anniversary cake modelled to the N I building was cut and a magnificent cabaret show was performed by the Safari Cats. Dancing carried on until the early hours of the morning with breakfast served for those who required this to boost up their energy.

Farewell Soko on Sunday 12th was a chance to catch up on unfinished shopping no matter how bleary eyed or hung over after the week's festivities. There were many market traders with display of wares and in susegad fashion there was an opportunity to sample meals from the food court, a few Tuskers and enjoy the outdoor Show that was laid on for those who chose to recover after the night before!

Heartiest Congratulations go out to the Chairman of the Centenary Celebrations Committee Ian Fernandes and his team, Chairman of the Nairobi Institute Vincent Azavedo and his Managing Committee for the warm hospitality, the superb organisation of the festivities, the daily spectacular decorations - this truly was the "Mega Party of the Century" - we will all have lasting fond memories of these sensational celebrations.

Norma Menezes-Rahim
June 2005
For the NI Centenary site with loads of photos see

Some Press coverage:

Nairobi Institute: All Set to Celebrate Its 100 Years
13 Jun: The Nation (Nairobi). Today marks 100 years since the former Goan Institute, now Nairobi Institute, was founded…On Wednesday, Vice-President Moody Awori presided over a colourful ceremony at Nairobi Institute as part of the celebrations and hailed the institute, a recreational facility, for producing prominent personalities and sportsmen who have played a key role in the country's development. "The Goans have remained at the forefront on all development matters, especially in uplifting the lives of many poor Kenyans," Mr Awori said. “For instance, they built several Catholic churches, including the Holy Family Basilica and St Francis Xavier Church.” Mr Ian Fernandes, chairman of the centenary organising committee, said more than 700 people are expected. The chief guest will be Indian High Commissioner to Kenya S Kumar. 396 words click here.

Nairobi Institute: Down Memory Lane
5 Jun: The East African Standard (Nairobi). As Goans mark 100 years in Kenya, few appreciate the role this small community played in building this country. [Among those mentioned] Pio Gama Pinto, Joseph Zuzarte Murumbi, Dr Rozendo Ribeiro, Seraphino Antao, Alu Mendonsa, Silu Fernandes, Leo Fernandes, Egbert Noronha, Saude George and Reggy Fernandes, "We are a small community of about 200 families," explains Vincent Azavendo, chairman of the Nairobi Institute. 1176 words.

Nairobi Institute: Silent Contributors
5 Jun: The East African Standard (Nairobi). The modern Nairobi Institute is a far cry from the club of colonial days. The GI, as it is popularly known, has seen better days. A cabinet full of trophies won in hockey and cricket tournaments … the late Maurice Cardinal Otunga openly hailed the Goans for their contribution to the rise of the Catholic Church in Kenya as "in a silent but effective way" … J M Nazareth, a lawyer participated in the Lancaster Constitutional … Romeo Fernandes was president of the Goan Institute eight times … Joe Rodrigues, a pioneer independent Kenya journalist … Independence brought bitterness for the Goans, most of whom had remained aloof during the independence struggle … With independence, their exodus began as the new government started discriminating against them. Sceptical about their future status, Goans left for the security of the Commonwealth. But others stayed on to do business and now contribute to Kenya as businessmen of repute. The best known today is H da Gama Rose, a lawyer-cum-businessman in Nairobi. 449 words.

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