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Paul de Silva

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2. For 3 video clips of Paul talking on Systemic Racism And Stereotyping In The Entertainment Industry, click here.


Paul de Silva’s career has spanned television broadcasting, independent film and television production, journalism, public education, and cross- cultural communications.

He is presently Project Director for Canada One TV, a drama focused Diversity specialty channel, and Co-chair of the Canadian Diversity Producers Association. He conceived and Executive Produced for VisionTV, the Gemini nominated “Lord have Mercy” a comedy series set in a storefront Evangelical Church in the Caribbean community in Toronto broadcast on Vision TV, APTN and Showcase Television. He recently was Executive Producer for “Spicy Fusion” a Comedy/ Drama Pilot for Showcase/Toronto One and “Love’s a Gamble” a one hour Drama for CHUM Television.

Most recently he was Vice President of Programming for Vision TV /One The Body Mind and Spirit Channel. In the six years he was at Vision he was responsible for commissioning documentary, drama, and music programs both in Canada and internationally. He was formerly Vision TV’s Director of Independent Production.

De Silva's Gemini Award-winning Inside Stories, a ground-breaking 26-part drama anthology which brought new voices from Canada’s ethno-cultural communities to prime time Television, was broadcast on the CBC and Vision TV, and has been sold worldwide. He has produced and directed documentaries such as Shared Rhythm, Fantastic Visions and Two Families. He also produced and directed Ballet Creole and Trade Secrets a mini-series for the CBC. De Silva was Executive Producer/Consultant for three seasons of Disability Network, an award-winning CBC magazine show.

In 1985, De Silva was awarded the Prix Anik award for producing the 13-part CBC series Neighbourhoods, a celebration of Toronto’s diverse communities. In 1981-82, he was a communications consultant to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in Nairobi, Kenya. He was a Human Rights Officer with the Ontario Human Rights Commission from 1973 to 1976.

He has worked as a consultant to Canadian Heritage, Telefilm Canada, CBC and several media organizations in Arts and Cultural policy, cultural diversity, television training, equity, and cross-cultural education initiatives. Currently, de Silva is a member of the National Advisory Council, Canadian Film Centre, the Diversity Committee of WIFT and the ReelWorld Film Festival and has served on the boards of the Toronto Arts Council and Full Screen, an organization representing the interests of filmmakers of colour and First Nations people.

De Silva joined the CBC in Winnipeg as a news reporter, moving to Toronto later as host/reporter for Canadians, a 26-part television magazine series profiling members of Toronto’s multicultural communities.

De Silva has won two Gemini’s (including the Canada Award), an International Movie Television Award, a Golden Sheaf, and a U.S. Industrial Film Award for Creative Excellence and a Prix Anik.

362 Gladstone Ave Toronto, Ontario M6H 3H4

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