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4 Nov. 2007: Tiatr! Tiatr! From Swindon Dramatic Troupe: Winning the hearts of Swindon's Goenkars, blooming talents of Swindon Dramatic Troupe will perform their drama "Xevott Kortubancho" at Wembley Copland School Hall, Cecil Avenue, Wembley, HA9 7DU. Watch your favourite Keziah, Comedian Ben and Akki with mind blowing performance and songs ever melodious which will set your feet tapping and your hands clapping to the beats. Welcome All. For Tickets call Pedro 07852268857
The photo shows:
First row, seated from the left: Keyzia, Baby Darrylin, Remi.
Second row from the left: Pedro, Tutush, Hilario, Armando, Jose Mario.
At the rear: Comedian Domnic.
Absent from the photograph: Melodious singers Victor De Verem, Anthony, Akki and Comedian Ben Evangelisto.

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