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Stephen Lobo

Brief Bio

From Eddie Fernandes: I was able to secure a telephone interview with Stephen Lobo in March 2005. He was born in Toronto, his father being Goan & his mother Iranian. They met in London and had migrated to Canada 36 years ago. As a child Stephen attended some Goan functions in Toronto.

He studied science at the University of Toronto and then took off for London where he lived for almost five years - mainly in Hampstead. He attended drama school and was set to explore openings in British theatre last year when his agent secured him an audition for Godiva's, a new TV comedy drama series located in Vancouver. He was thrilled to be offered the part.

His hobbies are skiing, travel and the theatre.

For a videoclip (4.08 minutes) of a Bravo! interview with Lobo see click here

For the trailer, storyline, stills etc. of Godiva's see:

12 March 2005. Vancouver Sun

Sex is a hot menu item at TV Yaletown eatery.
By Lynne McNamara


Television sure has changed since I Love Lucy. It's all sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll on CHUM TV's new flagship series, Godiva's which is set in a posh Yaletown restaurant.

Michael MacLennan teamed up Julia Keatley to create six one-hour episodes of the comedy/drama which premieres Wednesday (March 16) at 7 p.m. on Bravo.

The story line is about the restaurant's new manager, Kate (Erin Karpluk) who arrives from Toronto and does not see eye-to-eye with the young, high-strung, ambitious sous-chef, Ramir played by Stephen Lobo. Part Goan and part Iranian, Lobo only quite recently finished drama school in London, England after a stint at the University of Toronto.

He made a late start as an actor after coming to the realization that maybe he wasn't so crazy about math and science after all. Not particularly interested in commercial success, he was about to explore the British theatre world last spring when the call came from his Toronto agent to audition for the new show. And when he got word that he'd been chosen for the role he was gobsmacked.

"It was mindblowing," he remembers. "I thought I blew the audition and I was like, I'm going to get there, and they're going to go, 'Who's this guy?' I was convinced they thought I was somebody else, and I got here and nobody made any strange faces and they were happy to see me, and I realized, Wow, this is really happening!"

The raw new show isn't for children. In fact, in one episode not exactly palatable for a family newspaper, Ramir is involved in a sexual dilemma not unsimilar to a situation in Sex and the City.

Karpluk and Lobo signed nudity clauses in their contracts

12 March 2005. National Post (Toronto).
TV highlights this week


Singles scene Godiva's follows the personal and professional lives of a group of singles at a restaurant in Vancouver's Yaletown district. In the premiere episode, Kate (Erin Karpluk), a new manager imported from a high-end Toronto restaurant, arrives and immediately clashes with Ramir (Stephen Lobo), the egocentric self-appointed head chef. - Bravo!, 10 p.m.

12 March 2005. The Globe and Mail

Globe Television.The Critical List; This week's programs

WEDNESDAY: Godiva's: Bravo!, 10 p.m.

There are several reasons to love this six-part series (renewed for a second season even before it premieres) set in a funky Vancouver restaurant…A good ensemble cast of unknowns, especially Stephen Lobo as a talented sous chef whose seductive powers extend beyond the kitchen; a cute scene on clothing optional Wreck Beach; the unflattering references to Hogtown and the Scaramouche and Canoe namedropping; and Hawksley Workman's Anger as Beauty playing behind a scene of culinary brinkmanship. It's frankly Canadian fare infused with sauciness, a real homegrown treat.


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