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Dr Susan Rodrigues,, is the Director of the Institute for Science Education in Scotland (
Place of birth: Kampala, Uganda
Parents: Blanche and Ferdinand Rodrigues.
Names of siblings: Desmond, Malcolm, Celia
Goa affiliations:
Father from Betalbatim.
Mother from Carmona.
( One of Susan’s uncle, Savio Rodrigues (SJ), established the Jesuit Meditation/Counselling place in Raia. Another uncle, Leonido Rodrigues, was a Law professor in Panjim)
Education: Nursery - Teacher Bella Vaz, Entebbe
St Theresa's Primary, Entebbe, Uganda
Presentation Convent for Girls, Margao Goa
Fosters Primary School Welling, England
Erith Comprehensive, Erith, England
London University (UK),
Loughborough University (UK)
University of Waikato (NZ)
Doctor of Philosophy (Chemical Education) 1993 University of Waikato, New Zealand.
PGCE. (Chemistry and Physical Education) 1985 Loughborough University. England.
Bachelor of Science ( Hons) 1984 Chelsea College, London University. England.
  • Director, Institute for Science Education in Scotland
  • Director Initial Teacher Education, University of Stirling, Scotland
  • Senior Lecturer in Science Education. DSME, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Senior Research Officer. National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), England
  • Lecturer in Science Education. University of Durham, England
  • Chemistry and Physical Education Teacher. Otaki College, New Zealand.
  • Teacher in Charge of Chemistry. Westwood High School for Girls, England.
  • Teacher, Uckfield School. Uckfield, England.
Susan is currently collecting accounts from Goan people about episodes in their lives. She writes, “It has been fascinating. They include travelling during the second world war on a steamer (1940), cycling in Kenya (1960), boarding school in Goa (1950), living in Uganda after the exodus (1970), reflections on relationships, collecting coconuts in Goa, Beggar's feast, and many others. They all provide fascinating insights into Goan ways of knowing and doing.”

Susan Rodrigues

Director of Initial Teacher Education within the University of Stirling's Institute of Education with an interest in science education and ITE research; previously a Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne, (Australia); prior to that a Senior Research Officer at the National Foundation for Educational Research, (UK); lecturer at the University of Durham (UK); teacher in New Zealand and England.

Research Interests
Two main threads of research: The role and effect of context on learning chemistry. The role and effect of ICT on the development of effective pedagogy and learning in science classrooms.

Current research involves:
An international collaborative research programme investigating the role of language in the development of student appropriate contexts from which to learn science. A collaborative research programme involving colleagues in the fields of psychology, and information systems investigating the development and use of on-line video analysis tools and interactive multimedia in physics and chemistry at secondary and tertiary levels.

Details at:

Some Internet Resources (full text or summaries)

RODRIGUES, S (2003) We must all get into the crucible. TES 7 March 2003.For full text click here.

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Some Recent Conference Presentations:
RODRIGUES, S (2004 forthcoming) A review of research on the use of ICT in science school education. International Organisation of Science and Technology Education, (IOSTE), Lublin, Poland, July 2004

RODRIGUES, S (2004 forthcoming) Opportunistic Challenges: Primary Science and elearning. SETT 2004, Glasgow Science Centre, Glasgow, 23rd September 2004

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RODRIGUES, S (2004) Invited speaker. Learning Lessons: An international view of teacher education in science. The Scotland needs Scientists Conference 2nd April 2004 St Andrews University, Scotland

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Rodrigues, S. (1999) (Department representative) Maximising the use of IT in schools. Ministry of Education, Brunei, 25th March 1999 (2 hour seminar for over 70 Ministry staff, principals, senior staff and math/science teachers with a particular interest in development of IT for the maths science instruction.


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