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Mr. Thomas Coelho joined the Bata Shoe International Company, in February, 1939, at the age of 18. He retired recently in December, 2003, aged nearly 83, after serving in the company for almost 65 years (64 years and 11 months).

Mr. Coelho began working as a salesman, in a Bata Shoe shop, in Mombasa, Kenya. After two years he was transferred to work as a clerk in the office at Limuru, which was established to become the head office of the Bata organization in East Africa. He continued working at Bata Limuru, for the next 63 years.

Mr. Coelho started at the bottom rung of the ladder, and steadily progressed over the years. His industrious nature and dedicated hard work, earned him recognition, and the respect and affection of all his colleagues.

In the height of his career, in the seventies and eighties, Mr. Coelho was the Finance and Administration Manager of Bata Limuru. He was later appointed to be the head of Finance and Administration, of Bata (CARO) Central African Regional Organization, which included about 6 other countries. At a major Bata conference held in Nairobi in the late seventies, he once headed a meeting of Finance Managers, from over twenty countries across the world. On occasions, he has also stepped into the role of General Manager.

Over the last twelve years, Mr. Coelho has worked part time, in the capacity of Consultant to the Company. In addition, he has handled general assignments relating to Company housing, and taxation, and has represented the Company on various legal matters.

Mr. Coelho’s length of service with the Bata Shoe Company is truly exceptional, and the longest in the Bata organization worldwide. He is a most humble man, and a man of diligence, and great dignity. His motto, ‘GOOD LEADERSHIP SPRINGS FROM INTEGRITY’, won him the hearts of many who were close to him. Mr. Coelho is held in the highest esteem, and regarded by all who know him, as a perfect gentleman. He has also had the privilege and honour of a personal acquaintance, with the dynastic Chairman himself Mr. Thomas Bata, (son of the Founder of the Bata Organization). As a global enterprise, Bata is the largest shoe company in the world.

Mr. Thomas Coelho’s service with Bata is phenomenal, and remarkable. Most of his contemporaries left nearly thirty years ago, and many have since passed away. He is an outstanding and shining example, of perseverance, humbleness, dignity and success.

Sadly, Mr. Coelho lost his wife Bridget in 1993. He is the father of Jennifer, Ron, Clint, and Trevor, father-in-law of Herbert, Isidora, Alexandra and Nita, and has seven grandchildren.

We all wish him the best of health in his well earned retirement. We also take this opportunity to wish him a very happy 83rd birthday, on 18th February, 2004, and many wonderful years ahead.

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