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Daryl Blase Desa R.I.P.

The family of Daryl Blase Desa of Norbury London SW16 who passed away unexpectedly of a stoke at age 16, wish to express their heartfelt gratitude to all the family, friends and relatives, near and abroad, who assisted, visited, offered flowers, donations, their sympathies and spiritual mass offerings.
Daryl organs were donated and so far three persons have benefited. In addition, donations were sent in his memory to various charities, the collection of £1500.00 in lieu of floral tributes was made to the British Stoke Foundation and £1000 to the to Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust (ITU Trust Fund)

Letter From The Family:

Our dearest friends,

We wish to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to all who have offered condolences and Masses, visited, sent sympathy and Mass cards, flowers, e-mailed, telephoned and given donations.

We especially thank those who thought of us and Daryl, but found it difficult to express their thoughts, conversely, please accept our apologies, should you not receive this personally.

It has been a great comfort for us all to have experienced such fantastic friendship, which words cannot communicate enough.

As Ravi Bhukhureea, a class mate and friend said "Remember Daryl never did go, he only went because God needed some help on some very hard questions". We cannot understand His reasons now, but in time we will see the bigger picture.

I am sure that we will all be 'missing you, our best friend'.

As you may know, Daryl's organs were donated, attached are copies of correspondence received.

The family is committed in following Daryl's example, that there is 'life after death' on this earth, and we have consciously made the decision to donate our organs when the occasion arises.

£1500.00 was realized from your generosity and donated directly to The Stroke Association. Further, £1000.00 was sent to Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust (ITU Trust Fund) by the family, additionally other charities benefited from donations offered directly.

As you will see from Geraldine, Graeme's mother's letter, "thank you" seems a little expression of our gratitude to you, for all your tremendous support, but nevertheless, thank you.

Yours always,

Daryl's Family

Croydon Advertiser. Dec 12 2003
School pays tribute to teen stroke victim
By Ross Lidbetter
THE family of a teenager who died suddenly from a stroke led the tributes to "an extremely gifted pupil" during a school event in his memory.

Daryl Desa, 16, of St Joseph's College, in Beulah Hill, Upper Norwood, had been destined for a place at university when he died on March 10.

Now a plaque commemorating the talented student has been unveiled in the school's new computer suite.

A new prize board has also been dedicated to Daryl, and an award which will commend those who do exceptionally well in Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been set-up in his name.

Members of the Desa family, including dad Joseph and mum Grace, spoke of their struggle to cope since his death.

Daryl's uncle Basil D'Cunha said: "He was very mature for his age and he was always determined to do well. "The last few months have been tough and have passed by so quickly. "During the awards, Daryl's mum made a speech saying that we still feel Daryl is with us.

"Although he has physically gone, we still feel he is with us spiritually."

Grace said: "It has been hard and I am just coping. Daryl always made me feel very proud - it's like he is still around"

The Desa family and the St Joseph's community were left in shock when Daryl, who had planned to become a criminal barrister, died from a stroke.

The condition occurs when blood is prevented from flowing into parts of the brain by a clot which blocks an artery, or when a clot bursts into the brain.

It is estimated that some 250 children a year in the UK suffer a stroke.

Headteacher Eamon Connolly said: "Daryl had a great personality and was extremely popular, particulary amongst his peers.

"In year 10 he got an A* in mathematics at GCSE level. I am sure he would have achieved the best GSCE results the following year.

"There is no doubt Daryl would have gone off to university - he was an extremely gifted pupil.

"Daryl was a healthy boy one minute. Then one morning he woke up unwell and was rushed straight to hospital - he effectively didn't come off the life-support machine. There was no warning whatsoever.

"We held a special assembly over what had happened at the time. All of the boys in his year group, particularly in Daryl's class, were very upset."

The first winner of the Daryl Desa Prize for ICT was a student in his year, Rocco Cammisola.

Mr Connolly added: "It was a difficult evening for the Desa family.

"We were there to celebrate the success of the children and yet the Desa family, who would have been pleased about the achievements of the other children, would have been saddened that Daryl couldn't have been there."

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