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21 May. Times Educational Supplement (UK). Headline: Partners Show Path To Hands-on Science. Excerpts: If you want to change practice in teaching and learning, you have to take ownership, says Susan Rodrigues, director of the Institute for Science in Education in Scotland … The response from parents has been particularly satisfying, says Dr Rodrigues. Teachers are being asked for advice about conducting experiments at home with enthusiastic children…For details on the next PIPS project, contact
Dr Susan Rodrigues is eminently qualified in Science Education. She was born in Kampala, the daughter of Blanche & Ferdie and has traversed the globe. She has embarked on a fascinating personal project collecting accounts from Goans about episodes in their lives. For the supplement that has been created to provide brief details of her fascinating career, click here.

And another Susan Rodrigues, [] FCCA, author of Be Encouraged lives in Nairobi and works as the Financial Controller of Safaricom. She wrote the book to help people realise their potential for a successful and productive life. The book is available as an electronic file for $4.95 or as a CD for $6.95. Details from
Susan went to Goan School Nairobi (primary) and then to Pangani Girls School. She is married to Derrick Rodrigues, the son of John Rodrigues of Car & General, Nairobi and has three children. See:

28 May. Goanet. Born in Nairobi in 1942, Antonio E Costa’s Goan family was the third generation of artists and writers living in Kenya. He completed his graduation in fine arts in Canada and is a Canadian Citizen. For the Ronita Torcato interview of Antonio E Costa go to For a bio and sample of his works go to

28 May. Times Journal (St. Thomas, Ontario). The Friends of St. Thomas Public Library meet on Tuesday, June 1 at 7 p.m. for the awards ceremony for the third annual Creative Writing Contest, [One of the three] Judges for the contest is:
Poetry: Ben Antao of Toronto graduated from the University of Bombay with a master's degree in English, and worked as a reporter for many years. In 1966 he won a journalism award given by the World Press Institute. Antao has interviewed many VIPs, including various U.S. presidents. He came to Canada in 1967 and worked for the Catholic Register and the Globe and Mail. In 1976 he obtained his teaching certificate from the University of Toronto. His book Images of Goa was published in 1990. [For a profile of Ben Antao and a selection of his writings, see]

28 May. East African Standard. Shareholders supported the management of the Standard Newspaper Group in its efforts to transform the company into a leading and modern media company. Mr Ian Fernandes, managing director of KTN, told shareholders that the group had been granted additional frequencies. During the meeting Fernandes was re-elected to the Board of Directors.

28 May. Newcastle Herald (Australia). Indian-born Dentist and general practitioner Eardley Rozario who has lived in Australia since he was two plans to move soon to Gresford. This has been a godsend for the town and its surrounds as there is no doctor in the area. 224 words.

28 May. The Guardian. Multiculturalism's legacy is 'have a nice day' racism. By Trevor Phillips (Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality). The mere celebration of diversity does nothing to redress inequality. Keith Vaz, a good friend to the CRE, declared last week that multiculturalism was alive and well in Leicester. He and his fellow MPs can dance the night away at "Asian events" in Nehru jacket and sari. I don't want to spoil anyone's fun, but this city's council faces legal sanction for its decidedly not multicultural distribution of grants.,3604,1226527,00.html

29 May. The Globe and Mail (Canada). Headline: CEO's killer past comes back to haunt him. Excerpt: Cesar Correia of Toronto's Infolink bulk-messaging company beat his abusive father to death in 1984. He served a brief sentence and then was pardoned. Now, as PAUL WALDIE reports, a former business partner is demanding he disclose his past to investors. Is what he did 20 years ago relevant to his business today?
[Profile at] Text of article, 2,004 words click here

1 June. The Guardian. European Parliamentary Election. 'Someone wants to meet me?" A potential voter has recognised Claude Moraes from the other side of the street, and Mr Moraes, out canvassing, [in Kilburn] cannot disguise his incredulity.,3605,1228611,00.html For a profile and photo of Claude Moraes check

2 Jun. Herald (Goa). By Eugene Correia. The Goan Overseas Association (Toronto) posted another record profit for 2003. Presenting its annual report at the recently held annual general meeting, the Goan Overseas Association (Toronto) showed consolidated earned revenue of $66,294. The bulk of the profit came from hosting the Viva Goa show, an annual cultural event that drew in more than 4,000 people at Downsview Hangar last year. [The 2004 Viva Goa extravaganza is on July 24th and there are many events leading up to it such as a visit to Wonderland, Goa Golf Day, Bingo Night etc. All welcome. Details at

2 June. The Star (South Africa). Headline: 'Racist' SAA official wrecks family vacation. Excerpts: The holiday of Atanasio (Babush) Monserrate and his family has turned into a nightmare, after a South African Airways official allegedly accused them of buying their passports. Monserrate, Goa’s Minister of Town and Country Planning alleges they were rudely refused access to a flight to Kenya on Sunday. His wife Jennifer said that they had been forced to cancel a planned trip to the Masai Mara, a wildlife sanctuary in Kenya, and were on their way instead to Dubai. For full text, 697 words, click here

3 June. The Guardian. Dom Moraes, author and poet who became one of India's leading literary figures, publishing nearly 30 books, died Wednesday after a heart attack, news reports said. He was 66. Moraes began writing poems at age 12. His first book of poems, ``A Beginning,'' was published by London's Parton Press when he was 19. It won the Hawthornden Prize for the best work of the imagination in 1958; Moraes was the first non-English person to win the prize. For eight years, Dom Moraes lived in London. [Dom Moraes is survived by his only son who lives in London].,1280,-4160826,00.html

The current Goan Cybermatrimonials listing is at To enter, send the details, (max 100 words), describing yourself and the type of person you are looking for to Fred Noronha, There's no charge to be listed in the Cybermatrimonials, a service from


31 May. Nairobi, Kenya. Sister MARYJOAN nee ISABEL GOMES of Precious Blood, Nairobi (Ex Tanga - Tanzania). Daughter of the late Luizen Gomes. Sister of Marie/Steve Miranda (Calangute Goa). Philu/Tom Fernandes (Ex Nairobi Kenya). Cousin to Nap (Arusha), Eddie (UK), Luis Gomes & Diana Sajoo (Canada). Funeral service at St Austins Church Nairobi 4th June at 1400.

26 May. Siolim, Goa. JOSEPH GASPAL FERNANDES (Ex-Zanzibar). Husband of Rosemarie. Father of Gavin and Gary. Son of Santana/Anatilda. Brother of Gregory/Helen, Sabina/Edwin, Steven/Yeadmin, Lolly/Coral, Ramona/Sunil and Roselyn/Patrick.

23 May: Slough, UK. ANTONIO PLACIDO CAEIRO (born 1930, Velim, Goa). Husband of Elvira. Father of Pierre/Bryony and Paul. Funeral at 12.30 pm, Fri 4th Jun., St Andrew's Close (off Welley Rd) Wraysbury Middlesex TW19 5DE. Condolences to


Ixtt, the Konkani publication established in 1933 now has a weekly newsletter available online to subscribers. Check out a sample issue at

May 2004. Construction World. The Goa government will invite global tenders to construct a cruise liner terminal at Mormugao. The terminal will have back-up facilities such as customs clearance, immigration, restaurants and utility services. The government expects the terminal to bring in about 2,00,000 tourists to Goa every year by sea.

27 May. Navhind Times. A piece of the mantle worn by Blessed Joseph Vaz, during his life time will be installed in the sanctuary at Sancoale at the concelebrated mass at 9 am on May 30.

28 May. Times of India. Headline: Goa fast becoming a hub of child prostitution. Excerpt: Once a hot tourist spot, Goa is now witnessing an alarming rise in sexual abuse of children in the 10-16 age group. According to social scientists, more than 10,000 paedophiles visit the coastal state every year and molest children.

28 May. Navhind Times. Foreigners run drug trafficking in North Goa. Is Goa, which became a hunting ground for drug smugglers with the arrival of the hippies, becoming a hotter favourite of theirs?

30 May. Times of India. Tired of government websites which do not function and display outdated information, Goa government has now authorised the IT department to oversee the working of the sites.,curpg-1.cms

30 May. Indian Express. Headline: To Feed the Frantic Construction Boom, Politicians, Mafia and Police Conspire to wreck the Konkan Coast. Excerpts: Newsline travels the Goa highway, watching 2,000 trucks dredging sand—60,000 tonnes every day… Sumaira Abdulali, an activist from the environmental group was beaten on Monday night. The incident is not even the tip of the iceberg. 518 words.
30 May. Indian Express. Headline: Crooks in the creek. Over-laden trucks, corrupt cops and excess dredging make for an unholy mix at this creek off Mumbai-Goa highway. 692 words
26 May. Indian Express. Environmentalist assaulted at Kihim.
31 May. Indian Express. Craters in the sand. Activists protecting Kihim Beach from the sand mafia pay heavy price.

31 May. Navhind Times. Saudi hostage drama ends, 2 Goans among 22 persons killed.
1 June. Arab Times (Kuwait). Excerpt: Filipino survivor Camilo Tinacio described one of the victims, John Fernandes, a Goan, as his best friend and as jovial and outgoing. He added, "I am devastated at his death. He was a very industrious and efficient worker. Everyone admired John for his sense of humour.” For full text click here.

1 June. Asian Age. Goa film festival runs into controversy. By Pamela D’Mello. For full text click here

2 Jun. Navhind Times. Monsoon will reach state within 72 hrs.


Goa: A New Board Game. Description: Goa at the beginning of the 16th century: beautiful beaches, wonderful climate, and one of the most important trading cities in the world. Competing companies trade with spices and send their colonists into the world and invest their money. Of most importance is how you manage your spices to grow a successful company. Should you build more effective ships? Build more effective plantations? Attract more colonists? The best strategy is the one that creates the most successful business. Goa: wealth and glory, but not without risk! Details at

27 May. The Mirror. Health Q & A. Excerpts: Q: I'M going to Goa soon and want to avoid food poisoning.
A: DR Sarah Brewer replies: "Upset stomachs are the commonest health problem to strike travellers abroad. India is most risky. Use water from sealed bottles - carbonated is safer than still water as it's less likely to have been filled from the tap. "Avoid ice cubes, ice cream, salads and raw veg which may have been washed in contaminated water. Only eat fruit that can be peeled. Avoid food exposed to the sun or to flies - especially snacks from roadside vendors. Wash hands before eating. To boost your immunity against gut infections, take a probiotic supplement such as Yakult for a few weeks before you go. Probiotic bacteria protect against food poisoning infections such as salmonella."

29 May. The Mirror. Goa: Choose from the resorts of Candolim, Calangute and Baga, with the added option of taking an overnight trip to Palolem beach. A seven-night holiday in Goa this winter starts from £409 per person, with flights from Manchester. Direct Holidays: 0870 242 2404

29 May. World Socialist. Around 1,000 contract workers at the Public Works Department of Panaji, in the west coast state of Goa, launched a protest in front of the Labour Commissioner’s office on May 19, to protest against break-in-service clauses in their employment agreement. Break-in-service provisions are used to prevent contract workers becoming permanent workers. Workers also protested against the low wages they receive, compared to permanent staff.

30 May. Daily Star (UK). When the sun shines, there's nothing more refreshing than a cool beer. In fact, when the sun doesn't shine there's nothing more refreshing than a cool beer!
If you're a fan of the hop, try Ambari - a 5% abv beer which is bottled and shipped from Goa, India. It's less gassy with a smooth, clean taste and is perfect with your favourite curry dish. It's available in Indian restaurants throughout the UK and in off-licences, priced at £25.99 for a case of 330ml bottles. For a full stockists list call 020 8561 5865.
One lucky [Daily Star] reader can win a full minifridge of beer, containing two cases of Ambari premium Indian lager. To be in with a chance of winning, just tell us where Ambari comes from. [For the Good Beer Guide to Goa go to]

30 May. The Sunday Times (UK). Ask the Experts: The overseas adviser. [Full text 374 words at:]

31 May. Food Ingredients First (Holland). Allied Domecq Spirits and Wine in its endeavour to develop its brands all over India, has decided to undertake extensive awareness programmes in Goa with India emerging as a focus market for Teachers Scotch whisky. Allied Domecq is now progressing in the second phase in which they are conducting sessions for connoisseurs of Scotch.

31 May. Straits Times (Singapore). Roughly a quarter to a third of Eurasians in Singapore carry Portuguese surnames. In a new age of globalisation, we are rediscovering our links to Malacca, Macau, Goa, Brazil and Portugal. It is good if these links bring us economic benefits. But that should neither be the only nor the principal reason for celebrating these links. We celebrate them because they make us feel better about who we are. 424 words.,4386,253722,00.html

3 Jun. Jamaica Gleaner. Mystic Mood of India. In the South, areas such as Goa, there is a mix of cultural influences, including Portuguese. It's in this region that Pork Vindaloo has made its name. A chili hot, spicy and pungent dish, it's a favourite of Christians. Hindus, in this region, however, go for meats like lamb and chicken. There is also an abundance of seafood in this region, with prawns, lobsters and crabs a staple of the menu. Very important in Goa cuisine is the 'kokum' ­ a sour, deep red fruit that gives coconut milk a sharp and sour flavour. Sarpotel (sic) is another specialty. This is a mouth-watering curry of boneless pork, liver, heart, kidneys, red chillies, cinnamon and cloves bathed in tangy toddy vinegar (needed to balance the strong taste of the pig's blood that is also an ingredient). See:


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sat. 5 June. 1.00pm. Bastora Union London AGM at St. Boniface Church Club, 185 Mitcham Road, Tooting. Contact: Peter DeSouza - tel: 0208 672 3232 or e-mail Dolores Taylor,

Sun 6 Jun. 2pm - The Asian Chaplaincy Feast of Our Patron Saints at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Edge Hill, Wimbledon SW19 4LU followed by multicultural programme.

Sun. 13 Jun Siolim Union (London) will be celebrating the Feast of their Patron Saint, St. Anthony at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham. Mass at 12:00 noon followed by dancing, to the music of Maz & Co. Tickets £12.00 including snacks and meal. Children under 12 free admission. Contact: Loretta Fernandes 020-8696-9886; Eugene Fernandes 020-8240-0818; Tony Fernandes 020-8540-3566; Edwin Athayde 020-8679-5514.

Sun. 27 Jun. G.O.A. FAMILY DAY and Youth Football Tournament at Archbishop Lanfranc School.

Sun. 27 Jun. Benaulim Feast. Haringey Irish Centre, Pretoria Road, London N17 (Nearest train station White Hart Lane) Mass at 12.30 pm followed by a Social. Music by Maz & Co. Tickets Members £7; Guests £8; Children 10-16 £2; under 10 free. Tickets and further details Josephine 0208 967 7471; Mary 0208 803 9752; Santan 0208 952 9365.

Sun 27 Jun. 4pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass. Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex.

Sat. 3 July. YLGS. Friends & Family Summer Ball.

Sun. 11 July. Norman Godinho School Reunion & celebration of Teacher Alice’s 85th birthday. 1.00pm-8.30pm. Archbishop LanFranc School, Croydon. Tickets (inc. meal) £12 adults; £6 children (2–12 years). Tony Lobo 020 8542 0528, Reg Da Cunha 020 7732 2659, Ms Theo Pinto 020 8302 5385, Edmund Dias

Sun. 11 July. G.O.A OPEN 2004 - London Golf Tournament at Downshire Golf Complex, Easthampstead Park, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 3DH. Contact: Jacinto D'Silva 020 - 8723 1233, Menino Mascarenhas 01784 211832, Orlando Braganza 01932 269476.

Sun. 11 Jul. Tivim Carnival. Bishop Thomas Grant School Belltrees Grove Streatham. Mass 12.30 P.M. Maz & Co and Fantasy Disco. Dress Code Fancy Dress. Details from Norma Menezes-Rahim 0208 771 4457; Marina Viegas 0208 656 4217; Valerie D'lima 07748 914743; Elu Pires 0208 654 1281; Ronald Fernandes 0208 303 3386.

Sun. 11 Jul. Aldona Association. Feast of St. Thomas at the White Hart Lane School Hall, White Hart Lane, Wood Green, London N22. Mass at 12 noon followed by get together. Music by Say One do One and live band. Tickets - Members £7; Guest £8; Children 5-12 years £5; under 5 years free. Contact Nigel Moniz 020 8441 9075; Lana Moniz 020 8931 2323; Jude Carvalho 020 8360 4102

Sun 18 Jul. 4pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass. Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex.

Sun. 25 July G.O.A. GOAN FESTIVAL in conjunction with Goan Organisations at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon. Starts with Holy Mass at 12.15 pm. Diego Pinto 020 - 8767 0663 Alfred Rebello 020 - 8337 8022. For stall applications: Bernie Gracias 020 - 8723 1322


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