Newsletter. Issue 2004-20. May 27, 2004
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20 May. Wimbledon Guardian, Biryani, kebabs, a cake and dancing were on the agenda as members of Merton Goan Senior Citizens' Association threw a 10th birthday party. The celebrations at John Innes Youth Centre in Kingston Road last Wednesday started with mass taken by Father James Pereira before 137 of the group's sprightly members got down at a disco, and were sustained by the cake cut by first chairman Camillo D'Souza.
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14 May 2004. Toronto Star. Headline: TV broadcasters debate diversity in newsrooms. Excerpt: CityPulse weekend anchor Merella Fernandez acknowledged that visible minorities have made tremendous progress in the industry in the past five years. She said she was impressed when her boss at Citytv assigned Francis D'Souza, another South Asian reporter from India, as her co-anchor 18 months ago. For full text of article click here.
Merella was born in Karachi, the daughter of Eulogio and Maura, and traces her Goan roots to Nadora and Anjuna. She last visited Goa in 1999. For her profile click here.
Francis D’Souza was born in Canada and last visited Goa two years ago. His parents, who used to live in Nairobi, are Colleen (nee Dantas) and Oswald (ex-East African Airways). He traces his Goan roots to Saligao (mother) and Moira (father). For his profile click here.
Citytv has archived videoclips of some of their work. See:

Middlesex Law Society Newsletter. Maria Fernandes [ex-Kenya & wife of Keith Vaz] is the newly elected President of the Middlesex Law Society. She has been a solicitor for the last 13 years and has set up her own practice, Fernandes Vaz, in Harrow and she now practices in Edgware.
21 May. The Guardian. Former Government minister Keith Vaz hit out at proposals to abolish the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) and merge it with six other equalities subjects in a single body.,3604,1221488,00.html
22 May. The Guardian. Readers respond to the Keith Vaz attack.,11026,1222416,00.html

20 May. Gazette & Herald (Wiltshire). Patrick Goldstone has pledged to continue as Mayor of Malmesbury amid allegations he called the police 'pigs' in the abbey last month. Coun Edmund Dias said: "I do not think he should resign. I believe the comments Coun Goldstone made were jocular and not at all intended to be hurtful."

20 May. Barnet Times. Headline: Word's first stem cell bank. Excerpts: The world's first ever embryonic stem cell bank opened just outside Potters Bar yesterday. Fiona Pinto 23 of Osborne Gardens Potters Bar who is standing as a Pro-Life Party MEP candidate in Manchester said such research exploits embryos that could potentially develop into adult life. [For a profile of Fiona Pinto see:]
For the text of the Barnet Times article check the link below.

From Gabe Menezes, Nostalgia: There is a website devoted to photographs of East Africa Fifty Years Ago. Nairobi, Mombasa, Kampala, Entebbe, East African Airways, East African Railways and Harbours are among those covered in detail. You will find, for example, 1961 railway timetables, maps and specimen fares as well as photographs of the railways then and now. Take a look at:


25 May: Vasco: MANUELINA PEREIRA e NEGREDO. Wife of late Cipriano. Mother of Augusto/Fatima, Isabela/Eusebio (London), Fatima/Apolinario & Milton.

24 May. Mapusa, Goa. PAULINA ALMEIDA E CARRASCO. Relict of late Bartholomew Carrasco. Mother of late Martin/Olive (Canada), Jovito/Collette ( U.K.), late Lino/Agapita, Aida/Roger, Francisca/Basil ( U.K.).

23 May. Arusha, Tanzania. Mrs LUCIANA LUDUVINA JOANA D’SOUZA. Wife of late Timothy Edward D'Souza. Mother of Politano (Sanu), Anthony (Tony)/Queenie, Tessy/Alex Pereira and Judy/Oscar D'Mello (Canada). Condolences to

22 May: Aldona, Goa. SOFIA MASCARENHAS. Wife of late Sales. Mother of Urminda/late Marcelino, Aida, Hilda/late Karl, Willie/Sabina, Alcina/late Joao, Alarico/Veronica, Rui/Sylvia, Xisto/Hiltrud, Julio/Mildred, Maria/Cezar, Rosalina/Savio. [From the Herald: Dr Julio Mascarenhas is the Portuguese ambassador to Kenya. Dr Rui Mascarenhas is Director of Arthritis Centre at Burk Hospital in New York. Mrs Urminda Mascarenhas e Lima Leitao was one of the first MLAs in Goa]

20 May: Panjim, Goa. MARIA OLIVA DA SILVA. Relict of Dr Antonio. Mother of Manuela/Joachim Mascarenhas, late Casmiro, Ivonne/Eric Pinto (London). Sister of late Crispino, late Antonio/Vilma, Melita. Sister-in-law of Vitoria, late Luisa, Aninha/late Dennis (Canada), Amelia/late Patsy (Canada).


22 May. Times of India. The international film festival of India (IFFI) has run into problems with the change in Government at the centre.

22 May. Navhind Times. The British Council has invited applications from students of Goan origin for the academic year 2004. The De Souza Trust provides financial assistance in the form of a scholarship for Goans to study in the United Kingdom. The funds for this scholarship are derived from the estate of Diego Frank de Souza. The scholarship was introduced in 1998 and since then ten Goan students have successfully completed their studies in the UK.

24 May. It is fishing time in Goa where the markets are flooded with huge varieties of fish including prawns, bangra, palm prijt, king fish or shrimps.

25 May. Navhind Times. The NRI Facilitation Centre is in the process of being converted into a society with its own constitution and its own managing committee and executive committee.

26 May. Smash Hits – India. The International Film Festival of India will be held this time in Goa in November. The shift of venue from New Delhi to Goa has evoked a controversy.

27 May. Navhind Times. The five member Canadian trade delegation has shown keen interest in the infrastructural projects in Goa including water supply and sanitation, new airport project, highway projects and convention centre.

27 May. Malayala Manorama. Lakme India Fashion Week. Excerpt: "No light shades for me; it's colour all the way," says Goa designer Wendell Rodricks about his show, where middle-aged and portly women walked the ramp in colours ranging from mehendi green to kumkum red. For full text click here

27 May. The Hindu. Bishop favours use of technology to protect Konkani. The decennial celebrations of the Konkani Sahitya Academy got underway here today with a call from the Bishop of Mangalore, Aloysius Paul D'Souza, to all Konkani-speaking people to uphold the dignity of the language.

31 May. Outlook India. Beyond the sun 'n sand of Goa, two individuals combat pimps, politicians and preconceived notions.


29 Apr. Press Release (Chemicals) Illegal sales of addiction drugs such as ketamine, mephentamine, benzodiazepines etc and sildenafil preparations have increased extensively in north coastal belt of Goa in recent times. In a raid conducted on retailers and wholesalers during Apr 2004, the Goa FDA has discovered unaccounted stocking and sales of huge quantities of sildenafil preparations with neutral code markings. Sildenafil is also being sold in star hotels at Rup 500 for a strip of 4 tablets. Following this, the FDA has sought a record of sales of specific drugs of misuse along with a weekly sales record from all the wholesalers. Each company marketing sildenafil has garnered sales of Rup 500,000 to Rup 1 M/month. The sildenafil market in India is estimated at Rup 700 M and is growing at about 35%. Some of the leading players in this segment include Zydus Cadila, Cipla, Unichem, Torrent and Sun Pharma.

6 May. Ocean & Coastal Management. Volume 47, Issues 1-2 , 2004, Pages 63-77. Coastal management policy: observations from an Indian case. By Ligia Noronha. Summary: This paper examines Indian policy in relation to the developments in Goa, a coastal state of India, which is famous internationally for its coastal tourism. It takes the view that different kinds of coastal problems require different kinds of policy regimes. For details click here.

20 May. Libération. (France). Review of new French translation of Garcia da Orta’s book, “Colloques on the Drugs of India” which was published in Goa in 1563. Text in French, 372 words.

20 May. The New York Times: House & Home: Nandini D'Souza, an editor and writer for Women's Wear Daily, and friends visit the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Photo and text, 1804 words at

21 May. Fond du Lac Reporter, WI (USA). Headline: Student from India shares stories of ‘culture shock’ Excerpts: Colleen D’Souza, 21, a young woman from Bombay who came to the United States to study shared some of her “culture shock” anecdotes… She said that she has changed from a shy, introverted girl who suffered from homesickness. She forced herself to get involved in campus life, took a position as a residence hall advisor during her sophomore and junior years, and now is eager to put her education to work. She hopes to land a position with a Fortune 500 company and see a lot of the world. Eventually, she plans to return to India, but for now will go wherever opportunity takes her. 497 words.

21 May. Chicago Tribune. Restaurant Review of Vermilion. Excerpt: “One of the few pure-Indian dishes on the menu is lamb vindaloo, the cubed lamb and potatoes simmered in a spicy, tomato-based Goanese sauce. You won't find a better version anywhere on Devon Avenue.”

21 May. Richmond and Twickenham Times (UK). Seema Khunti, aged 24, of Hounslow was killed in a road accident last week while walking her pet dog. Seema had constantly striven to help animals. She often visited Goa and had become involved in helping stray dogs and also supported the Animal tracks rescue facilities in Mapusa. Seema, who her family described as big hearted,' had completed a degree and a masters in Business Studies. [The family own a house in Panjim]. Text 344 words click here

21 May. Coastweek (Mombasa). Mombasa-born author writes book on Asians in East Africa. Treasured collection of songs, stories, proverbs and riddles. It took almost 20 years to complete ... and now an exciting new book entitled 'Oral Literature of the Asians in East Africa' has been launched by East African Education Publishers. The authors are Mombasa born, Dr. Mubina Hassanali Kinnani and her husband, Dr. Sanaullah Kinnani. For photo & text see:

21 May. Mid-Day Mumbai. The hall at St Josephs Convent primary school in Bandra echoes with the voices of 30 children aged between 13 to 18 years, who are practicing for Choirfestival 2004 to be held in Germany from July 10-19.

22 May. Calgary Sun (Canada). Dr. Victor Coelho, director of the university's Centre for Research in the Fine Arts has recreated a 17th century musical masterpiece which has earned him a 2004 Prelude Classical Award, one of Europe's top honours for a classical recording. 122 words.

22 May. The Tablet (UK). By Mark Tully. Mrs Gandhi has shaken India – first with her election victory, and now with her decision not to be prime minister. The Nehru clan, and Congress, are back.

22 May. Leicester Mercury. One of the biggest parties Leicester has ever seen is coming on 26 Aug. This summer, the whole city centre will be transformed into a huge five-day street festival with its very own beach. Organiser Paul Brooks said, "The beach will be like a film set with palm trees and all the other things you get at the seaside. It will be quite a size, with all sorts of entertainment going on, giving the feeling of a beach in somewhere like Goa or the Caribbean." For full text click here.

22 May. The Independent (UK). Wanderlust magazine says that stricter rules on charter flights to India are to be introduced from October; for a stay less than a week or more than a month, you cannot use a charter to Goa or Kerala.

22 May. The Mirror (UK). Sadie Frost, the 36-year-old actress and designer has just been hospitalised with a blood infection. She was bitten on the leg by an insect while in Goa with her toyboy lover Jackson Scott, 22, and several pals, including Kate Moss and her actor boyfriend Daniel Craig. A friend said, "She has flu-like symptoms but has been assured she doesn't have malaria. It's not life-threatening, but doctors want to keep her in and monitor her." For full text click here.
23 May. Mail on Sunday. Excerpt: Sadie Frost was in hospital last night with a blood infection after being bitten on the leg by a spider while on holiday.

23 May. Winnipeg Free Press. Book Reviews. Headline: Entertaining guide to love. Irene D'Souza reviews In His Arms By Camille Laurens. 512 words. {For a profile of Irene D’Souza see issue 2004-15).

23 May. The Express on Sunday. The first vaccine for cholera for more than 10 years was launched last week. Dukoral is a blackcurrant flavoured soluble tablet that will help protect the 3.5 million British travellers who visit such "at risk" destinations as Thailand, Goa, Africa, South America and parts of Eastern Europe. Available free on prescription.
Home Secretary David Blunkett announced plans last week to give all British passport holders over 75 (born on or before September 2, 1929) a free 10-year passport in honour of their "courage and sacrifices" during the Second World War. More information: 0870 521 0410/

24 May. Contra Costa Times (California). In the midst of a renewal of interest in men's fashion the necktie sales are flat as tarmac. Neckerchiefs are winning converts for their brand of bohemian elegance. Tied loosely under an open-neck dress shirt or a crew-neck sweater, the neckerchief adds a bit of Goa-in-the-1970s flair to a guy's style.

25 May. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio One) broadcast a 90 min. special on India presented by Stephen Puddicombe entitled India Shining. . Listen to the Konkani/Goa segment (7.24 minutes) by logging on to
Whist you are at it go to > CBC Radio Coverage > On This Morning, to listen to Elena Mascarenhas and others about what their faith means to them. (Runs 18:03 minutes)

25 May. World Entertainment News Network. Best friends Kate Moss and Sadie Frost are reportedly at loggerheads over the supermodel's romance with actor Daniel Craig - as he's one of Jude Law's closest pals. Moss's attempts to smooth the way for a friendship between Craig and Frost, by inviting them to spend a holiday with her in Goa, India, fell flat, with Sadie describing the trip as "the holiday from hell". Sources say the two women engaged in some vicious rows while in Goa and that their friendship is strained since they returned.

25 May. Toronto Star. Headline: The tricks of Solo Travel. Excerpt. The best place to eat, drink, smoke, dance and be merry on a beach year-round with thousands of other foreigners: Goa, India; Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand; Ibiza, Spain

25 Apr. The Peninsula (Qatar). Mearl Cabral is crowned May Queen. For Text and photo click here.

25 May. Montreal Gazette. Headline: Troubled Air Canada not out of storm, yet. University of Toronto business professor Joe D'Cruz said Air Canada should concede some of its more than 60-per-cent domestic market share to low-cost carriers WestJet and Jetsgo - abandoning shorter routes for longer-haul trips and even selling off its discount Jazz subsidiary. For full text click here.

26 May. Evening Telegraph, Corby, (UK). Headline: Gifts flood in for orphanage appeal. Excerpt: Elizabeth Marsh, 18, has been teaching at the Bethesda Life Centre in Goa since February. Following an appeal she is to receive a flood of gifts for children. She is now awaiting the arrival of 20 cases of gifts and £2,000 in cash. 319 words. See:

26 May. Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard. Headline: Cricket: Town CC 1st XI fail to avoid defeat despite a brilliant 105 from Rodrigues. Excerpt: Cirencester's Goan batsman Donwill Rodrigues scored a magnificent 105 but, despite a valiant all round effort, Cirencester fell 63 runs short.

26 May. Indian Express. East African-born, European-bred, Gujarati DJ Ma Faiza was in Goa in 1994, listening to some so-called ‘happening music’ she felt was really pathetic. She chucked up her business marketing job and became a DJ traversing the world. See
Ma Faiza has her website, There she reveals that she was born in Tanzania and plans to settle in Goa and manage a guest house on the beach.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Fri. 28 May. 19:30 (60 mins). TV Programme. Channel Five. Title: Travel - The World's 20 Best? Episode: Romances. This week the countdown turns to Romance, when we overflow with passion in some incredible places like Goa, the Maldives and Florence.

Sun 30 May. 4pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass. Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex.

SOLD OUT! Sun. 30 May. G.O.A. May Ball SOLD OUT!.

Sat. 5 June. 1.00pm. Bastora Union London AGM at St. Boniface Church Club, 185 Mitcham Road, Tooting. Contact: Peter DeSouza - tel: 0208 672 3232 or e-mail Dolores Taylor,

Sun 6 Jun. 2pm - The Asian Chaplaincy Feast of Our Patron Saints at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Edge Hill, Wimbledon SW19 4LU followed by multicultural programme.

Sun. 13 Jun Siolim Union (London) will be celebrating the Feast of their Patron Saint, St. Anthony at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham. Mass at 12:00 noon followed by dancing, to the music of Maz & Co. Tickets £12.00 including snacks and meal. Children under 12 free admission. Contact: Loretta Fernandes 020-8696-9886; Eugene Fernandes 020-8240-0818; Tony Fernandes 020-8540-3566; Edwin Athayde 020-8679-5514.

Sun. 27 Jun. G.O.A. FAMILY DAY and Youth Football Tournament at Archbishop Lanfranc School.

Sun. 27 Jun. Benaulim Feast. Haringey Irish Centre, Pretoria Road, London N17 (Nearest train station White Hart Lane) Mass at 12.30 pm followed by a Social. Music by Maz & Co. Tickets Members £7; Guests £8; Children 10-16 £2; under 10 free. Tickets and further details Josephine 0208 967 7471; Mary 0208 803 9752; Santan 0208 952 9365.

Sun 27 Jun. 4pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass. Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex.

Sun. 11 July. Norman Godinho School Reunion & celebration of Teacher Alice’s 85th birthday. 1.00pm-8.30pm. Archbishop LanFranc School, Croydon. Tickets (inc. meal) £12 adults; £6 children (2–12 years). Tony Lobo 020 8542 0528, Reg Da Cunha 020 7732 2659, Ms Theo Pinto 020 8302 5385, Edmund Dias,

Sun. 11 July. G.O.A OPEN 2004 - London Golf Tournament at Downshire Golf Complex, Easthampstead Park, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 3DH. Contact: Jacinto D'Silva 020 - 8723 1233, Menino Mascarenhas 01784 211832, Orlando Braganza 01932 269476.

Sun. 11 Jul. Tivim Carnival. Bishop Thomas Grant School Belltrees Grove Streatham. Mass 12.30 P.M. Maz & Co and Fantasy Disco. Dress Code Fancy Dress. Details from Norma Menezes-Rahim 0208 771 4457; Marina Viegas 0208 656 4217; Valerie D'lima 07748 914743; Elu Pires 0208 654 1281; Ronald Fernandes 0208 303 3386.


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