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Francis deSouza the Instant Messenger Guru
January 17, 2005. Francis deSouza Discusses Instant Messaging Networks. For full text see: [This interview has been reproduced in dozens of publications. Who is Francis deSouza? He is the President and CEO of IMLogic, Inc. which specialises in Instant Messaging]. See the video clip of a 02.09 minute CNN profile by going to
There is a great deal written about him and a supplement has been created to record some of the references. See:

Ruth DeSouza has become a columnist in a new Indian e-zine based in New Zealand. This month (Feb.), she has written about her East African connection. Click here and see page 15
In the Jan issue she explained “Who are Goans” Click here and see page 16
The March issue will carry her account of her experience on arrival in New Zealand
Ruth DeSouza, ( was born in Tabora, Tanzania and is the daughter of Edwin and Ivy DeSouza (ex Dar & Nairobi). Her family migrated to Nairobi in 1967, where she attended St Georges Primary School and then, in 1975, they moved to New Zealand. She has lived and worked in New Zealand, Israel, England, Switzerland and Sweden. Check her website at The Migration and Culture section is particularly worth visiting!

The daily hell of attacked family
28 Jan: Peterborough Evening Telegraph. Mario Pinto (24) broke down as he described the daily hell his family live through at the hands of arsonists and drug addicts. This week, his wife Manuela (25) and their one-year-old daughter Joanna had to be rescued after an arson attack on the block of flats where they live in Park Lane, Eastgate. Mario and Manuela came to Peterborough looking for steady work and a safe environment to bring up a family. 411 words. For full text click here.
[The Pintos are Portuguese passport holders. Last month, whilst in Goa I heard that Peterborough has replaced Swindon as the preferred destination of European migration from there].
Pintos: Second attack in just four days.
31 Jan: Peterborough Evening Telegraph. A family is living in fear after being attacked by arsonists for a second time in just four days. Manuela Pinto (25) and her one-year-old daughter Joanna, had to be rescued from a first floor window after smoke from a blaze at the bottom of the stairwell to their flat trapped them inside. The toddler had to be passed outside to firefighters, before the petrified mum clambered out to safety. The terrified mum and daughter had to flee the flat in the same way on Wednesday after arsonists started a similar fire in the bin cupboard outside the flat. 469 words.

MP punched in bin brawl
29 Jan. Wigan Evening Post. Excerpts: A row over a wheelie bin ended in violence when Wigan MP Neil Turner was attacked by drunken Scott Brookfield. Stephen Desouza who lives next door to Mr Turner tried to break up the brawl and Brookfield shouted racially abusive language at him. Brookfield admitted the attack but didn't remember making the remark. Defending, Mr Bill Swalwell said Brookfield “does not recall making that comment but accepts by his plea that he must have said something along those lines. This was a comment very much said in the heat of the moment. He does not regard himself as racist in any way." Magistrates decided a community based penalty was in order and sentencing was adjourned for three weeks. [Steve DeSouza, is ex-Eastleigh, Nairobi, the son of Maxie and the late Blasio].

Anjali Mendes – the first non-white supermodel.
29 Jan: Business Standard. Anjali Mendes, the once-upon-a-time model who dazzled Pierre Cardin, later became his muse and then his business manager, is still nursing a heartbreak from 12 years ago. "We were to marry," she says of her long-ago love, her voice redolent with both accent and sorrow, "but he died of cancer."… Mendes is off to Goa early next morning to be with her brother.
For a profile of Anjali [real name: Phyllis] Mendes click here.

Gemmy dodger
29 Jan: Financial Times (FT). Excerpts: It is a tale of romance, intrigue and controversy. A tale that unites the unlikely personages of a Masai warrior, a Goan tailor and the president of Tiffany's in New York…The story is that of tanzanite...In 1967 a Masai warrior showed a rough stone to Manuel d'Souza, a Goan tailor and amateur prospector based in Arusha. For text, 1211 words, click here. For the Manuel D’Souza supplement, click here.

UK: Green card proposed as part of immigration reform
31 Jan: The Guardian. Excerpts: A radical proposal to reshape the UK's immigration and asylum system is to be proposed by the Labour thinktank, the Smith Institute, next week. A pamphlet by Barbara Roche, a former Home Office minister and Claude Moraes, a Labour MEP, will propose that Britain changes to a green card system of work permits used in the US and set up an independent body to handle immigration requests…Ms Roche and Mr Moraes are from families of successful immigrants. Ms Roche's family were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. Claude Moraes came to the UK, aged four, from India. 542 words.,,1402068,00.html

UK: MP under fire for migrant call
1 Feb: The Independent. Roger Godsiff, The Birmingham MP who called for a ban on any more economic migrants entering the country faced a backlash from Labour colleagues yesterday. A Home Office source said: "He speaks for no one but himself." Labour MPs were horrified. Keith Vaz, the former Europe minister, said: "He is very lucky because he got elected only because of the Asian community. Maybe he should think again about whether he wants to represent them."

Keith Vaz Signs Up To Fight The Fat Challenge
1 Feb: Leicester Mercury. Keith Vaz has signed up to the Leicester Mercury's Fight the Fat Challenge. The politician is aiming to shed half a stone from his 14st 2lb frame over the next two months - and has pledged to hand £10 to the Lord Mayor's Kidney Care Appeal for every pound he loses. For full text click here

UK: Hockey: Cheam Men 0 Goan 3
1 Feb: Croydon Advertiser. Cheam fought proudly last weekend, but had little to show for their efforts finally. The Men's first eleven were unlucky to lose to a strong Goan side in a very even, fast moving and exciting South Hockey League Surrey Area Division Two game For full text click here

Uganda: Kabaka's Appointment of Asians Laudable
1 Feb: The Monitor (Uganda). Excerpts: The Kabaka of Buganda has appointed two Ugandans of Asian origin to his cabinet - a thing that is laudable for it helps water down the negative constructions of Ugandan Asians as exploiters, economic colonialists and racially and socially exclusive foreigners…
The Ugandan Asian novelist, Peter Nazareth in his novel, In a Brown Mantle prophesied the 1972 expulsion of Asians: "The British are clever. They placed a middleman of another race between themselves and Africans so that they could rake in the profits undisturbed [... ] It is the one who deals directly with the African who is hated most. The British remain aloof and are neither loved nor hated" …
Besides, East African Asian lawyers helped defend African nationalists. F.R.S De Souza defended over 200 Mau Mau suspects…
Asian journalists also threw in their lot to support the African cause. Examples are Harun Ahmed, Pranlal Sheth, D.K Sharda and Pio Gama Pinto. Full text, 1306 words at

Gwyneth Paltrow is next for torture chamber
1st Feb. Daily Mail. Excerpts: Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has signed up for a regime of Gyrotonics. Practitioner James D'Silva has already worked wonders with Madonna and has now recruited her close friend Miss Paltrow to his discreet basement studio in St John's Wood, North London, where he charges £60 for an hour's serious stretching. For full text, 472 words click here.
For the James D’Silva supplement see:

Florida: Coutinho excels at Dartmouth
1 Feb: Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Excerpts Danielle Coutinho's parents, Dr. Selma Coutinho and Dr. T.Z. Coutinho, immigrated to the United States from Goa 25 years ago. Coutinho attends Dartmouth University. She is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French. "There are so many areas of interest here aside from my pursuit of education," Coutinho said. "I was especially interested in the dances of my parents' native land, and became a member of the Indian Dance Team…My future plans are to pursue a career in business or law."
Coutinho's mother and father are justifiably proud of their daughter. For full text 403 words, click here.


28 Jan: Sarzora, Goa. ANTONIO ROSARIO MENEZES. Husband of Xista. Father of Analia/Simplicio (Navelim), Albertina/Dr Denicque Palmar (London), Alan/Suzanna (Kuwait).

27 Jan: Siolim, Goa. SANTANA F FERNANDES (born 1910, ex-Zanzibar). Husband of Anatilda. Father of late Joseph Gaspar/Rosemarie, Dr Gregory/Dr Helen (USA), Sabina/Edwin (USA), Stephen/Yeademin (USA).

27 Jan: Toronto, Canada, NORA LAWRENCE (Ex Limbe, Malawi and Thornton Heath, Surrey). Beloved wife of the late Edward Lawrence. Loving Mum of Tony (Maria-Yvonne) of Calgary, Alberta, Anne (Simon) Lopes, Avril (Owen) D'Souza of Toronto, Ont. Cherished and Loving Grandma of Warren (Kanchan), Wayne, Kelly, Gary, Shelley and Cory. Nora will also be missed by her sisters and brother, Mina Chinan of Pune, Preta (Prem) Menon and Johnson (Cecilia) Reynolds of Mumbai and numerous nephews and nieces and friends. Condolences to

20 Dec. London. ALEX (MANU) PEREIRA. ( aged 92, ex-Dar es Salaam). Husband of Balbina. Father of Christopher, Doreen, Eleanor, Ferdinand and Gillian. Funeral took place on 4 January 2005. The family have asked for your prayers.


Fri 4 Feb. 2:00 pm (30 mins). ITV: Wish You Were Here Today. Phone-in competition to win a week's holiday in Goa
27 Jan: Evening Standard. Win a holiday to Australia for 2. Closes 9 Feb. For details click here.


On The spot. By Tavleen Singh.
28 Jan: Afternoon (Mumbai). The Indian Government can help by training our immigration officials to make it easier for weary travellers to enter. Government can make India a more tourism friendly country by changing some of the stupider rules they have made like making foreigners pay 200 times more to visit our monuments than you and I pay. Finally, government can help by improving our hopelessly inadequate transportation facilities. You cannot attract tourists to Goa or Kerala if you insist on having only one flight a day from major cities. For full text click here.
For a brief BBC bio on Tavleen Singh click here

Flexible Terms
28 Jan: The Asian Wall Street Journal. Danny Paradise, yoga instructor for luminaries like Madonna and Sting aims to show his students how to find the guru within themselves. He is on a tour of Asia that will include stops in Goa and Bali. Mr. Paradise, a native of Canada, began practicing yoga nearly 30 years ago while in Hawaii.
-- Danny Paradise Retreats: Goa, India: Purple Valley Yoga Center, March 5-18. Web:

IFFI: A Good Festival, at a Right place
28 Jan: Bharat Times (Australia). Excerpts: Goa is a perfect tourist destination. Perhaps the most preferred spot in India, for travellers worldwide. This is also a cool place for an International Film Festival…although Goa is a popular tourist place, it had no infrastructure to host a Film Festival and that too an international one…old Goa medical college building resembled a set from some horror movie…Goa is beautiful. The city of Panjim is bestowed with scenic beauty, nice beaches. Organisers used the opportunity and held open air screening, called Beach Cinema. Next year there will be another IFFI at Goa . Hope will be better than this years.

Journeys to change your life
30 Jan: The Observer (UK). Become a beach bum in Goa. With the average house in the UK worth around £179,000, there's a tempting case to sell up and live like a king or queen elsewhere. Palolem, in Goa, India, is a palm-fringed crescent beach where you can rent a thatched hut with bamboo beds, bathroom and veranda, from £15 a night. With meals next to nothing locally, you could sit pretty for 30 years of yoga, curry and sunsets. Bookings can be made via a website that specialises in accommodation for independent travellers.,6903,1398332,00.html

The best romantic holidays. Leela Palace, Goa.
1 Feb. Hindustan Times. Life's a beach: Five-star break. Private villas and sea-facing rooms. Take walks on the beautiful Mobor beach. 47 km from airport. Costs Rs 30,000 (3 nights, all inclusive). B'coz you're in love: Rent a pair of bikes and explore the villages together. Enjoy typical Goan delights in the seaside shacks.


28 Jun. Navhind Times. Goa: Monserrate stripped of town planning portfolio.

28 Jan: Times of India. Micky Pacheco joins BJP

29 Jan: Economic Times. BJP government in Goa in crisis as 3 MLAs resign.

30 Jan. MidDay. Goa Govt in trouble.

31 Jan. IANS. BJP, Congress battle it out for Goa. Confidence vote on Feb.3.

1 Feb. Times of India. Goa Assembly floor test on Feb 2.

1 Feb: Goa CM pre-empts governor, calls vote on Feb. 3. The Asian Age.

1 Feb. Goa may signal the start of stalemate in Indian politics. India Daily (US).

2 Feb. Trust vote: not so simple arithmetic. Navhind Times.

2 Feb: Goa government sacked after vote. BBC

3 Feb. Neri wounded in house scuffle. Navhind Times.

3 Feb. Rane is new CM, Parrikar govt dismissed. Navhind Times.


Make Goa a land of prosperity
28 Jan: Navhind Times. The Governor, Mr S C Jamir made a fervent plea to the citizens to re-dedicate themselves in making Goa a land of peace, communal harmony and prosperity. Mr Jamir was delivering his address at the 55th Republic Day celebrations in Goa.

Goa's gold comes back to Indian shores
28 Jan: After about 44 years, about 1,800 Goan families will get to see their family jewels. The jewellery travelled to Portugal after the liberation struggle and got stuck in the customs net.

Hema's hymns
30 Jan: MidDay. Hema Sardesai interviewed. She speaks of her husband, Xavier D'Souza, her sister (Sunila Muzawar) and her parents. “My home state, Goa, has trees galore. I would cycle all over Goa in shorts. In the afternoons, I would sing loudly in the verandah even though it was siesta time for the neighbours — because I was convinced the whole world belonged to me.”

Saraswat fest cuisine has Goans in finger-licking mood
31 Jan: A festival of Saraswat cuisine in Goa is attracting a large number of visitors.

Goa: Carnival from 5th Feb.
2 Feb: Xtreme Television. Excerpts: Goa will be in a carnival mood from February 5. Viva Carnival – the most popular festival of the state– will have the state witnessing four days of extravaganza, fun and frolic. Colourful processions and lavish floats parade will mark the streets of the state. There will be masked people, fancy dresses, and singing and dancing galore too.

Recent Items of Interest on Goanet by Cornel DaCosta

The breadth of discussion on Goanet never ceases to amaze one but it is also the depth of discussion of some articles which, hopefully, will generate an even bigger participatory readership from across the globe.

Joe Pereira aka Jazzy Joe is featured for his significant contribution to India's film music industry. He also features well as a virtuoso saxophonist, not only in India, but at venues all over the world. Have readers heard him recently in your city/town in India or in the Goan Diaspora?

An interesting discussion has begun on the concepts of "twice born" and "non twice born" as initiated by Antonio Mascarenhas. This relates to the use of such concepts within Hindu caste related thought. The central issue being debated on Goanet, is on the question of who were we before we were converted to Catholicism in Goa? Wider participation on this intriguing theme would clearly be most welcome.

Two lengthy accounts have been provided by Dominic Fernandes relating to the Cashew tree and its fruit. These included what is generally well known about liquor and nut production, but in addition, there is so much material on the medicinal properties and other uses of the Cashew.

Call centres which have been widely set up in India, have come in for detailed scrutiny. This began with material on Cyber Coolies/Slave labourers of the 21st Century. Included in the discussion is the concern for exploitation of such workers on very long hours for relatively little remuneration. Further, such workers have to take much abuse from irate Westerners when making calls.

Please visit the Goanet archives at To subscribe to Goanet send an email to


Sheila Underwood, 74 succumbs to accident in Goa.
27 Jan: Aberdeen Press & Journal. Sheila Underwood who was made an MBE for services to sailing has died after falling while on holiday in Goa. She was in the Indian resort with her husband Brian when the accident happened. For full text click here.

Boss condemns yob's sentence
27 Jan: Evening Advertiser (Swindon). A coach company boss is claiming that a teenager who appeared before magistrates charged with causing £15,000 worth of damage to some of his vehicles was paid to do it. Paul Ratcliffe, 43, who runs Phoenix Coaches, believes that a 17-year-old youth was paid to smash the windows of three of his vehicles with pickaxes and hammers. One coach, carrying Goan workers from a Chippenham factory, had rocks thrown at it.

India has some of the highest cancer rates in the world
29 Jan: BMJ 2005;330:215. Parts of India have the world's highest incidence of cancers of the gall bladder, mouth, and lower pharynx, India's first cancer atlas shows. The atlas, produced by the Indian Council of Medical Research, has also found pockets of stomach and thyroid cancer in the south of the country. The survey also detected "a belt of thyroid cancer" in women in coastal districts of Kerala, Karnataka, and Goa. The findings are expected to stimulate research to identify risk factors at specific locations.

Book Review: Guardian of the Dawn, by Richard Zimler (Constable, £8.99)
29 Jan: The Guardian. Excerpts: …you begin to find your bearings in 16th-century Portuguese-occupied Goa faster than you may have thought possible…I had no idea the terror wing of the Catholic church penetrated as far as the sub-continent; yet Zimler testifies to thousands of Jews, Muslims and Hindus who perished in the autos-da-fé…Zimler paints a portrait of a cosmopolitan but paranoid colony suffering under a regime so corrupt that "they'd arrest Christ if he dared show his face in this wretched city".,6121,1401031,00.html

Vancouver: Building across the cultural divide.
29 Jan: The Ottawa Citizen. Excerpts: The Great Hall of the National Building Museum was the grand setting for a black tie gala last Tuesday to honour the Aga Khan for his contribution to architecture…He participated in an onstage discussion with distinguished architect Charles Correa…Mr. Correa noted that North America is in dire need of good housing. "Today the most important buildings are museums and airports. Housing is something developers do and we despise it. That's very sad. In much of the world, our cities are getting uglier and uglier and people adapt to that," said Mr. Correa. For full text click here

Canada: New daytime serial centres on Vancouver's ethnic communities
29 Jan: Vancouver Sun. Excerpts: A daytime serial set in the heart of Vancouver's multicultural mix could become a kind of Canadian Coronation Street… The series centres on Dr. Cedric Ferreira, born in Africa of East Indian heritage and raised in a British boarding school. Now he and his young son have come to Canada, and as the doctor tries to set up his Vancouver practice…Gray and his partners have been bowled over by the depth of the talent pool in Vancouver's ethnic communities, citing any number of tough choices in casting the show. For full text click here

Fake grooms to face rape charges
29 Jan: Times of India. Punjab Police plans to crack down on non-resident Indian (NRI) bridegrooms who don't take their wedding vows seriously by charging them with rape.

Bolly Ho!
30 Jan: The Independent. Baying hounds, pink coats, misty downs... the traditional British hunt is alive and well, in southern India - even if they haven't caught a fox in 170 years. James Deavin reports.

UK: Racism 'ingrained into prison culture'
30 Jan: The Observer.,6903,1401968,00.html

Calgary: Fans in a giving mood
1 Feb: Calgary Sun. Excerpts: Last night at the Saddledome, Calgarians proved that even after weeks of private donations, the giving hasn't stopped for the tsunami disaster relief…Pakistan native Fred D'Souza explained: "We are from Asia too, not too far from where the disaster was. It touched me because, in general, it's people."

Toronto: A perverse vision of church-state relations.
31 Jan: National Post (Toronto). Editorial by Father Raymond J. De Souza: I expect the irony was lost on him. The Liberal Cabinet having just returned from a lengthy Asian tour, Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew announced that religious leaders should not involve themselves in the gay marriage debate. The Prime Minister had just been chatting up the gay marriage issue in India and China. The government enthusiastically wants to talk about gay marriage, even overseas, but thinks that Canadians should shut up about it at home. Or more to the point of Mr. Pettigrew's remarks, that Catholic bishops should keep silent. 829 words. For full text click here.

Club Goa
31 Jan. Channel: TV3. Mon to Thu, 19.00 to 20.00 for 13 weeks starting 31 Jan. A Docusoap reality TH programme being filmed in Goa. The program website at is being regularly updated with photographs, synopses, discussion etc.

Lalita Noronha: Where Monsoons Cry,
2 Feb. 2005. Reading by Lalita Noronha from her debut collection of short stories Where Monsoons Cry, 4 to 5 p.m. in Linthicum 011, University of Baltimore. For details of the book click here.

Monkey Business in Goa
2 Feb. The Guardian. [Last week we featured an item from the Notes & Queries section of the Guardian where a reader asked for the best way to combat monkeys from destroying roof tiles in Goa. The responses:
1. Get a thatched roof.
2. A friend in Kenya was plagued with monkeys on his shamba . He hollowed out some oranges, filled them with chillies and tossed them around the plot. He said it worked.
3. The simplest way without harming either the monkeys or humans would be to build a play area where the monkeys could conduct their jumping exercises, entertaining themselves and human spectators.

Hindu fundamentalists prevent Catholic celebration on Anjediva Island
2 Feb: AsiaNews (Italy). by Nirmala Carvalho. For full text click here.

Tony Fernandes hits out at Singapore
2 Feb: Financial Times (FT). 391 words.

Designer and Soul Alchemist
2 Feb: Prudent Press Agency. From their Indian base at Goa where they work in idyllic seclusion. Yahel Chirinian and Doris Zacheres create an entire unique vision of interior design. Vegetal fusion and Eco space for rebel aesthetes. Their website is at Full text at the link below.

UK: Recognise Indian degrees.
2 Feb: Hindustan Times. An Indo-British Parliamentary group have asked the UK for the urgent need for reciprocal recognition of degrees and professional qualifications. They have also urged the UK Government for more exchange programmes and scholarships in view of the huge difference in the tuition fee charged from Indian students and the locals.,00430005.htm

UK's Kenya envoy in fresh attack
3 Feb: BBC. Britain's high commissioner to Kenya, Sir Edward Clay, has launched a fresh attack on corruption there, alleging the "massive looting" of public funds.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sat. 5th Feb. 4 pm onwards. Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon. Red&Black Evening with live bands and entertainers, spectacular carnival event. Don't miss arrival of King Momo, crowning of Red&Black Queen & more. Prizes to competitions from Cidade de Goa, Marriott Resorts, Goa Tourism & more... Mood setters Joan and Edwin. Dress code strictly Red& Black combination. Please contact 020 8932 9375/ 07957206169 or 020 8640 6589. Check flyer at

Sat. 5th Feb. 3pm to 10.30 pm. "Goa Goes Rio" Viva Carnival!! Join us to have a swell time on the 5th of Feb 05 from 3 to 10.30pm at St. Sebastian Church Hall Hay Lane, Kingsbury, NW9 0NG.Live band "LOW LEVEL" in attendance, King Momo Procession, Fancy Dress Competition and loads of prizes and surprises. Dress: Fancy and Funky. Adults £10.00 (inclusive of dinner), family discounts available so rush!! For more information contact: Maria - 07782879676, Sabina - 02086214673 or email on Check flyer at Note: Tickets will also be available at the venue.Come join us to get into the spirit of Goan Carnival. Viva Carnival!!

Sold Out! Tickets will not be sold at the door Sun. 6 Feb. Mungul Union (UK) celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Sat 12 Feb. YLGS Valentines Party "Goans n' Roses" at The River Suite, Walkabout Temple from 8pm-2am. NEW MEMBERS 18+ WELCOME! Tickets £8. Music by Say One Do One. For more info contact Alison Braganza, Events Manager at or on 07799 586793

Sun 20 Feb. GOA Fundraising Function For Tsunami Victims at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon. Commencing with Mass at 12 noon, followed by a social and cultural programme. Offers of help to Diego Pinto 020 8767 0663, Cornelius Monteiro 020 8681 8716. Donations by cheque payable to 'GOA (UK) Ltd' to 76 Middleton Avenue, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 8BS.

Sat. 26 Feb. 7.30 to 11.30 pm. Fundraising Tsunmai Charity Dance. Richard Challoner School, Manor Drive North, New Malden Surrey. KT3 5PE. £ 7.50 adult, £ 3.50 child (under 16). Music by Canute's Disco. Please bring your own drinks & glasses Snack food will be on sale. Canute/Delia: 020 8540 1249; Effie Rebello: 020 8542 7880; Ann Vaz: 020 543 0968; Elaine Cardazonni: 020 8395 6827.

Sun. 27 Feb. 5.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Sun 27 Feb. G.O.A. Snooker Doubles Knockout Tournament. 9.30am to 5.00pm at the Royal Surrey Snooker Club, 1/9 Abbotsbury Road, Morden, Surrey (opposite Woolworths). Entries by email to: Lazarus Rato 020 - 8767 0342

Sun. 13 Mar. 5.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Sun. 20 Mar. G.O.A. Singles Carrom Tournament (Ladies, Men & Children) - Venue to be advised. Contacts: Richard Fernandes 020 - 8300 5347, Viju De Souza 01784 430547, Lazarus Rato 020 – 8767 0342

Sun. 27 Mar. G.O.A. Strictly Come Dancing at Lola Jones Hall, Greaves Place, Tooting. Jive and Freestyle Disco Competition. Dark Star in attendance. Further details from - Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457, Bernie Gracias 020 - 8723 1322

Sun. 17 Apr. YLGS El Shaddai Fundraising Dance. at Bishop Thomas Grant School. Starts with Holy Mass at 12.30pm followed by Dancing & Slave Auction. Bands & Discos TBC. Food & Drink will be on Sale. For more info contact Alison Braganza, Events Manager at or on 07799 586793.

Sun. 24 Apr. 5.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex


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