Newsletter. Issue 2005-23. June 23, 2005
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NI Centenary Celebrations Report
Norma Menezes-Rahim, Social Director - Goan Association London, provides an account of the Nairobi Institute Centenary festivities. Covered are the Bar-b-que, Out of Africa Cocktail event, Variety Concert "Typical Joao", Karaoke Nite, Thanksgiving Mass, Anniversary Ball and the farewell Soko. She commends the organisers for the warm hospitality, the superb organisation and the spectacular decorations which made it the "Mega Party of the Century." Full text, at

Nairobi Institute: All Set to Celebrate Its 100 Years
13 Jun: The Nation (Nairobi). Today marks 100 years since the former Goan Institute, now Nairobi Institute, was founded…On Wednesday, Vice-President Moody Awori presided over a colourful ceremony at Nairobi Institute as part of the celebrations and hailed the institute, a recreational facility, for producing prominent personalities and sportsmen who have played a key role in the country's development. "The Goans have remained at the forefront on all development matters, especially in uplifting the lives of many poor Kenyans," Mr Awori said. “For instance, they built several Catholic churches, including the Holy Family Basilica and St Francis Xavier Church.” Mr Ian Fernandes, chairman of the centenary organising committee, said more than 700 people are expected. The chief guest will be Indian High Commissioner to Kenya S Kumar. 396 words. click here.

Nairobi Institute: Down Memory Lane
5 Jun: The East African Standard (Nairobi). As Goans mark 100 years in Kenya, few appreciate the role this small community played in building this country. [Among those mentioned] Pio Gama Pinto, Joseph Zuzarte Murumbi, Dr Rozendo Ribeiro, Seraphino Antao, Alu Mendonsa, Silu Fernandes, Leo Fernandes, Egbert Noronha, Saude George and Reggy Fernandes, "We are a small community of about 200 families," explains Vincent Azavendo, chairman of the Nairobi Institute. 1176 words.

Nairobi Institute: Silent Contributors
5 Jun: The East African Standard (Nairobi). The modern Nairobi Institute is a far cry from the club of colonial days. The GI, as it is popularly known, has seen better days. A cabinet full of trophies won in hockey and cricket tournaments … the late Maurice Cardinal Otunga openly hailed the Goans for their contribution to the rise of the Catholic Church in Kenya as "in a silent but effective way" … J M Nazareth, a lawyer participated in the Lancaster Constitutional … Romeo Fernandes was president of the Goan Institute eight times … Joe Rodrigues, a pioneer independent Kenya journalist … Independence brought bitterness for the Goans, most of whom had remained aloof during the independence struggle … With independence, their exodus began as the new government started discriminating against them. Sceptical about their future status, Goans left for the security of the Commonwealth. But others stayed on to do business and now contribute to Kenya as businessmen of repute. The best known today is H da Gama Rose, a lawyer-cum-businessman in Nairobi. 449 words.


Sex changes - Women and work
4 Jun: The Economist. Women are gaining equality in professions that used to be male preserves, but not complete equality … In medicine, for example, women tend to go into general practice. In London, 70% of new GPs are women. Helen Fernandes, a surgeon at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, reckons that many women are put off surgery by the expectation that they have to be constantly available for work.
“You can't leave in the middle of an operation, even if you have a child to pick up from the nursery and will lose your place there if you are late.” But such demanding specialisations are also the most lucrative ones.
[Helen is the daughter of Tennyson Fernandes, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Emeritus (born & brought up in Zanzibar) and Joy (nee Pearson who is English). Tennyson Fernandes, was based at Mulago Hospital in Kampala from 1963-65 and now lives in the village of Middleton Tyas, Richmond, North Yorkshire. Helen is the sister of Julian and Christine]

Uganda: Leana Godinho’s husband, Shafiq Arain: Obituary
6 Jun: The Times (UK) reported that Shafiq Arain, politician and diplomat who was born on November 20, 1933 died on March 20, 2005, aged 71… In Uganda he made contact with other East African politicians, such as Tom Mboya and Pio Pinto (both later assassinated). He married Leana Godinho, a magistrate in Uganda, in 1966. He is survived by her and by two daughters and a son.

Kenya: Pio Gama Pinto: The Chains of Freedom
7 Jun: The Nation (Nairobi). Kisilu Mutua is believed to be Kenya's longest serving prisoner. He spent 36 years behind bars on accusation of murdering politician Pio Gama Pinto in 1965. Now 63, Kisilu lives a hopeless life four years after his release - with no family and no property. People still look at him oddly, none offering a helping hand. When he was released, the Press, lawyers and human rights activists made a big story out of it. But the excitement died and Kisilu is a lonely figure in the remote village of Kyethivo, Machakos district.

Kenya: Seraphino Antao: We Must Boost Sprinters.
11 Jun: The Nation (Nairobi). …On the strength of sprinters alone, local athletics meetings would fill up with spectators. Empire Games champion Seraphino Antao was royalty in Mombasa, work stopping each time he was back in town from his Commonwealth conquering missions. [Photo shows Antao at the Nairobi Institute Centenary Ball] For full text click here.

Canada: Edmonton police under fire for racist e-mail
14 Jun. CBC News (Canada). Acting police Chief Darryl da Costa says there will be zero tolerance of racism in his department, calling an e-mail that discussed how aboriginals should be treated "disgusting." … Da Costa says this incident is the result of a few officers behaving badly and making everyone look bad … The police commission and the mayor are supporting how da Costa is handling the issue … Da Costa is the acting chief because the police commission fired his predecessor Fred Rayner as part of the fallout from the drunk driving sting. 529 words. For full text click here.
14 Jun: Edmonton Sun. After launching the latest city police internal probe, interim police Chief Darryl da Costa yesterday told the Sun he doesn't want the top job permanently. 455 words.
Darryl da Costa was born in Kampala, the son of Louis and Gladys da Costa. For a profile of him see

Canada: Carolann Fernandes
15 Jun: Hamilton Spectator. Carolann Fernandes came up with the idea of setting up a network of safe havens in Hamilton for victims of racial discrimination and harassment when residents of south Asian, Arab and Middle Eastern origin were targets of harassment and hate crimes after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Immigrants still don't find Hamilton a safe, caring, welcoming community, she says.
The first safe haven opened earlier this year in St. Joseph's Women's Immigrant Centre at Main and James streets. The next will be at the Bennetto Recreation Centre in the North End. She said people told of being harassed at festivals, parades, on buses and in elevators, resulting in humiliation, anger, fear and lower self-esteem. At the same time, victims said, "Speaking out is viewed as hysteria and un-Canadian." 588 words. For full text click here.
For a profile of Carolann Fernandes see

By-Election Winners
17 Jun: Wembley and Kingsbury Times. Labour held on to Fryent by just 36 votes after a recount. Ruth Moher, 60, beat off the challenge of Conservative Sue-Ellen Fernandes, daughter of Kenton councillor Uma Fernandes. Ruth Elaine Moher [Lab] 937 votes; Sue-Ellen Fernandes [Con] 901 votes… For text click here.
For a profile of Sue-Ellen Fernandes see:

Vancouver: Aaron Martin.
18 Jun. Vancouver Sun. Aaron Martin won't have to line up to buy a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when it goes on sale on July 16. As one of five "Junior Booklovers" who have been advising the Indigo Books & Music chain on children's literature for the last year, the 12-year-old Surrey boy can use a perk and go to the head of the queue. The Martin family is originally from Goa, on India's west coast. They came to Canada in 1991. Aaron's father, Kenneth, is a hotel chain's comptroller.
His mother, Avril, is an auditor with the B.C. government. They also have a 10-year-old daughter, Kirsten. 561 words. For full text click here.

Canada: Ian D’Sa
21 Jun: GoaNet post by Kevin Saldanha of Mississauga. Goan musician, Ian D'Sa and his band, Billy Talent, ( ) were big winners at the Much Music video award ceremonies in Toronto on 20 Jun. See:
For a 2003 interview with Ian see Billy Talent is set to perform at the Live 8 concert in Barrie, Ontario on 2 July. See


21 Jun: Bombay. JOHN MANUEL NAZARETH (ex-Kampala). Husband of Mary. Father of Agnes/Derrick, Sandra/Rowland, Domnic/Cynthia. Funeral on June 23 at Candolim, Goa.

19 Jun: Streatham, London. BRUNO DIAS (ex-Nairobi West; Standard Bank), aged 73. Beloved husband of Esther. Father to Brian, Elaine and Michelle. The funeral service will be at 12:30pm Thu 30 June at the English Martyrs Church, 2 Mitcham Lane, London SW16 6NN. The burial will be at Lambeth Cemetery, Blackshaw Road at 2:00pm. A coach service will be available. Condolence messages to

18 Jun: Streatham, London. PATZIE GRACIAS (ex-Nairobi). Wife of Luis Gracias. Mother of Louise.Funeral will take place on Tue 28 Jun at 10.00am at St. Bartholomew's Church, 159 Ellison Road, Streatham London SW16 5DU - followed by a cremation service at South London Crematorium, Rowan Road, London SW16. In lieu of flowers, donations to Cancer Research would be much appreciated, if desired. Condolences to

12 Jun: Sydney, Australia. PRISCA D'SOUZA (ex-Mombasa). Wife of the late John John D' Souza. Mother to Tony Reg/ Rebecca, Loy, Rineth/ Leslie, Bernie/ Cajetan. Grandmother of Shane, Ryan, Charlene, Duane, Jonathan, Aaron and Jolene.

11 Jun: Majorda. REV. FR. FELIX NAZARIO RAMALHO GODINHO. (Parish Priest of Varca) Son of late Dr. Leandro/late Maria Carvalho Godinho. Brother of Idinha/Wilfred Pereira (UK), Hilda/late Willy Vaz (UK), etc.

5 Jun: Bombay. Rev. Fr. JOSEPH MACIEL, S.J. lately of St. Xavier's High School, Bombay, and formerly Parish Priest of St. Peter's, Bandra, Rector St. Stanislaus. Fr. Maciel was born in Nairobi in March 1927, studied at St. Paul's Belgaum and has been a Jesuit for 58 years. Elder brother of Mervyn(Sutton-UK), late Wilfred(Nairobi). Funeral was on 6 Jun at St. Peter's Church Bandra. Condolences to

4 Jun: Wimbledon, London. CAMILLO DE SOUZA (ex-Saligao, Kampala & Mombasa and past Chairman of Council of Management, GOA UK). Partner of Romy Cordeiro. Beloved Father of Shirley, Vincent, late Seby (former GOA UK President) and Sushila. The funeral was held at St Boniface Church, Tooting on Thursday 9 June followed by a private cremation service. For an appreciation by John J. D'Souza of Goan Voice Canada, see

3 Jun: Sydney, Australia. IRENE D'SOUZA (born 1919, ex-Mombasa). Wife of late George. Mother of Harold/Hazel, Dolla/Bernard (UK), late Peter/Jacinta (Mombasa), Mabel/late Franco, Crescy/Allan. Grandmother of Hayley/David, Jude/Demelza, Savio/Charlotte, Gail/late Sean, Glenn/Marissa, Rachael/Edward, Mario, Hylette/Greg, Antonio, Georgina, Lucia, Ryan, Eugene and Michaela. Grandmother of Aaron, Shanyce, Lachlan, Maia, Joseph, Olivia and Eathon. Funeral: was on 8 June in Sydney.

27 May: UK. BETTY D'SOUZA (born 1927, Ex-Aden). Wife of late John. Mother of Sheila/Carlos, late Joyce/Joseph, Elaine/Joseph (UK) and Dr Savio/Sunshine (UK). Grandmother of Carlton, Clyde, Wallace/Cindrella, Joel, Janice, Neville, Christabel, Shane, Shavon; great grandmother of Joyce and Chiquita. Funeral was on 9 June at Mapusa, Goa.


A professional designer would like to meet a Goan Catholic spinster, aged between 35 to 39, preferably a resident of UK. Please reply with full details to: Mr S Almeida, 38 Mazenod Avenue, London NW6 4LR or email


Holiday Hot Spots: Goasis of Tranquillity
5 Jun: The People (UK). Glorious sunshine, stunning tropical beaches and a rich historical tapestry - that's the way to Goa … everything is incredibly cheap, especially eating out … it was the people who made Goa so special. They were friendly, warm and welcoming and with the great advantage that so many of them spoke brilliant English… I loved the languid pace of life in Goa but there is plenty to keep the more energetic busy, including water sports, crocodile watching, wildlife sanctuaries, spice farms, river cruises and night clubs … Give Goa a go. I did and can't wait to go back! 865 words.

Travel: Have a Goa in paradise
12 Jun: Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, UK). Goa is a new world for your average Brummie. It is a place full of new experience, spice and culture but is also a place of luxury, natural beauty and, in places, downright hedonism … there really was something for everyone at an affordable price … I fell deeply in love with Goa. I made my way to one of Goa’s hidden gems. It is a nature reserve called The Jungle Book, where I was to spend two nights sleeping in a hut literally made out of elephant dung. Goa is colourful and fun - great for couples and families alike … But the most memorable part of my stay was the people I met. They are laid-back and have a passion for life - and made my stay an absolute delight. 790 words.

Where Do You Go To Escape Everyday Life?
12 Jun: The Observer (UK). Rob Da Bank, Radio 1 DJ: It's Bhakti Kutir, which is in Palolem, Goa. It's shabby-chic with wooden huts and a hole in the ground for a toilet. It's a paradise hidden in a coconut grove and the best place I've ever been to. It's not poncy, just very relaxing.

Spanish charter opens new market for tourism in Goa
15 Jun: Deccan Herald. Spain’s Club de Vacaciones’ first charter to Goa, scheduled to touch down on August 3, has the Goa tourism industry excited about the prospects of new markets. The plan is for a weekly charter to Goa from Madrid. “What’s exciting about this charter is that it is a new market altogether. It starts in the off-season, and will operate till May 10 next year,” says TCI’s area manager A Gomes Pereira.

Monsoon packages from Taj group
16 Jun: Business Line. At Goa, the offers are available at the Taj Goa Hotels — the Taj Holiday Village Fort Aguada Beach Resort and Taj Exotica. The rate per person per night on a double occupancy basis varies from Rs 2225 for two nights at the Taj Holiday Village to Rs 2750 for a three-night stay at the Taj Exotica. The offer includes airport/railway station transfers, accommodation, buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, a head and shoulder massage per couple per stay, complimentary meals and stay for one child below the age of 12 years sharing the room. Offers valid from June 16 through August 31.

Barefoot Pioneers
19 Jun: Sunday Telegraph (London). In search of spirituality and sunshine, the New Bohemians tend to head south, either to Goa for an India-lite experience or to Kerala for some backwater romance. The ultimate New Bohemian retreat is the Nilaya Hermitage, a new 12-room hotel in Arpora, Goa (832 227 6793; Run by a German fashion stylist, it is rock-star cool and has attracted the likes of Kate Moss, Richard Gere and Giorgio Armani. For text, click here.

It was off-season in feni country
23 Jun: The Hindu.


Macleans offers a makeover
4 Jun: Chemist & Druggist. The new £1.1 million through-the-line promotion for Macleans is believed to be the biggest of its kind ever undertaken by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. Consumers buying any three Macleans products can take part, with the chance to win a £10,000 luxury beauty makeover, including a five-star spa holiday in Goa. Closing date: 30.9.2005. Details at


Goa Political Scene Summary
5 Jun: The Congress Party won three of the five seats in the by-elections with ally NCP bagging one. The BJP won the fifth seat.
7 Jun: Congress’ Pratapsingh Rane was sworn in as Goa CM by Governor S.C. Jamir. This brought to an end the three-month-old President rule in the state.

11 June. NCP leader Wilfred de Souza threatened to pull out of the coalition. He was reportedly miffed because the only other NCP member in the Assembly, Francis Xavier “Mickky” Pacheco, had not been made minister. However, things settled down after the party high command stepped in.

Goa Governor highlights plight of London Goan family
4 Jun: Herald (Goa). Calling for efforts to streamline the administration, Governor S C Jamir has suggested setting up of an Administrative Commission to update the administration according to the needs of the people and the times… He narrated a legal case of a Goan family residing now in London who have to leave behind their children and jobs to come back to Goa and stay for more than three months now since their case had been pending with a Collectorate’s office for nearly five years now.
“The case was kept pending with an official for three and half years, and after the official was transferred the same was kept pending with his successor for almost a year,” the governor said.

Hit the jackpot at Goldfinger Casino in Cidade de Goa
5 Jun: Deccan Herald. Las Vegas lovers in India can now place their bets on ‘Goldfinger,’ the new casino at the deluxe five-star beach resort, Cidade de Goa.

Evicted slum dwellers spend a year homeless
20 Jun: Deccan Herald. From Devika Sequeira. A year has gone by since the Baina slum demolition and not even a temporary shelter has been provided for the slum dwellers by the state government.

Addressing People
20 Jun: Navhind Times. Our modern avuncular culture so widely propagated in Goa, has come to be accepted as a matter of fashion even as it causes embarrassment and sounds outrageous when a person has no blood relationship to the person who addresses you as an “uncle” or “aunty”. In Goa, however, before the Liberation, the respectable form of addressing the elderly persons was “irmaao” meaning “brother” and “mana” meaning “sister” which gave no one any umbrage. The lower status persons used to address as “patrao” (boss), “batkar” (landlord), “batkani” (landlady) which terminology is still in vogue. 423 words.

Goa Medical College to be refurbished soon
16 Jun: Navhind Times. The Goa government plans to refurbish the Goa Medical College Hospital at Bambolim by spending over Rs 5 crore shortly.

Belgaum-Goa four-lane road
16 Jun: Business Standard, India. Union minister for shipping, road transport and highways TR Balu announced that a four-lane highway project between Belgaum and Goa will be taken up soon.
For full text click here.

Briton's Konkani act leaves Goans clapping
16 Jun. Hindustan Times. By Frederick Noronha. Peter Barnett, a professional British singer, went up on stage in Goa and sang in perfect Konkani. As a singer, he worked for P&O Cruises and made friends with many Goans, who work on international cruise liners in large numbers. Having an interest in languages, Barnett said he learnt "basic Konkani from the boys on the ship. He has been a Lorna fan for years. He said he is now auditioning in London to get into one of the big musical theatre shows or a tour. He says, "I would love to be in a Konkani film, as long as it is a singing role!",00110005.htm

Four-Member Gang Arrested in Belgaum
18 The Hindu. Belgaum police here have arrested a gang, which is allegedly engaged in various crimes, including luring foreign women into prostitution. The accused, who the police said had committed robberies, dacoities and burglaries, used to lure foreign women from Calangute beach in Goa into prostitution. The four were staying in Goa and ganged up to commit crimes.

Goa wallowing in contaminated water
19 Jun: Herald (Goa). If Panjim fails to check water contamination, it might be hit by another epidemic soon…it has been scientifically confirmed that groundwater in Panjim city contains up to 56,000 microorganisms per millilitre of water as compared to the safety standard of less than 100 microorganisms per millilitre. As per WHO standards, the safety level of coli form of micro-organisms should be less than 10.


Canada-based Goan author, Ben Antao has produced a new novel on the Goa Liberation struggle called 'Blood and Nemesis'. It was released at the International Centre, Dona Paula, Goa.

Charles Correa, the celebrated Goan architect has been commissioned by his alma mater, the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, to design its new neuroscience Centre.

Readers of the Goan Voice (UK) will find excellent continuing coverage and analyses of Wimbledon 2005 from the veteran Goan Sports reporter Mr Eastaquio Santimano.

While most GV(UK) readers will be familiar with the role of the Catholic Church in Goa, insights into the role of the Syrian Christians around Kochi, and in particular, through their endeavours, the availability of distinctive higher education there is well worth finding out about.

An interesting report has been presented by A. Veronica Fernandes about the release of a new Konkani Album 'Raag' in Kuwait. Attached to this report is a brief history of Goan Tiatro starting with "Italian Burgo" in Bombay and the production of the earliest song/music cassettes and CDs, later on, by excellent Goan musicians and song writers.

Finally, Rahul Alvares, provides details of his fascination for snakes and how to handle them safely. Rahul's presentational style, with graphics, is very infectious and one must wonder why any of us have been fearful of reptiles which are plentiful in Goa.

Please visit the Goanet archives at To subscribe to Goanet send an email to


Reaching out across globe
31 May: Penrith Press (Australia). Overseas priests are being recruited to Australia to work in Catholic churches due to a shortage of parish priests. Assistant priest Father Clifford D'souza has been at St Nicholas of Myra since March 2003. "It's a fairly good congregation," he said. He was sent to Australia in August 2000 - his first time overseas - to work for the Parramatta Diocese. Back in India, he worked as a high school teacher in the western city of Goa and taught English, history and religion. Father D'souza said he had enjoyed his experiences so far and sharing his stories from back home with the people. 373 words.

Restaurant Review: California: Santa Rosa's Kabab And Curry House.
5 Jun: Press Democrat. Excerpts: The glassed-in kitchen toward the rear of the room allows a view of the toque-topped cooks - including Chef Luke Rozario from Goa, the former Portuguese colony on the west coast of southern India … Chef Rozario's home region gets a nod with the Goa Beach Masala Scallop Appetizer ($8.50 **1/2 ). Ordering Fish Curry ($13.95 ***) brought Chef Rozario to my table to ask whether I wanted tilapia, catfish or salmon. 1,192 words.

Modern India's complex connection with complexion
6 Jun: Globe and Mail. (Canada). "Racism has become a part of the Indian psyche," Pavan Varma, author of Being Indian, said in an e-mail. "The real irony is that a brown nation looks down on the dark." … At least 75 per cent of Indian women aspire to lighter skin … Studies of southern Asian women in the United States and Canada have found that the darker their complexion the less pretty they feel … 939 words. For full text click here.

Book Review: Explaining racism and persecution with precision
11 Jun: The Canberra Times. Set in Goa, the Portuguese spice colony on the coast of India, in the late 16th century, Guardian of the Dawn is Richard Zimler's third novel about the Jewish Zarco family, expelled from Lisbon. The novel is scrupulously researched, with convincing details of Goa's thriving commerce and the all-powerful Inquisition: this was not just an instrument of domestic control, but of colonial domination too. 454 words.
For details see:

Dubai's 'take' on Malayalam film industry
13 Jun: The Press Trust of India Limited. 'Take:1', a glossy film and celebrity monthly magazine, will soon offer the Indian diaspora in the Middle East a peek into the Kerala film industry. "The magazine will not focus on gossip or sleaze,", said Dominic de Souza, founder and president Dubai-based Corporate Publishing International (CPI), which will bring out the magazine in about two months. De Souza, a UK citizen of Goan descent, said at a star-studded function here last night that the 120-page magazine would "offer regional stars a global platform" and was targetting Keralites residing in the Gulf, who yearn to feel the pulse of cinema back home.

Goa: Property Market
15 Jun: The Independent (UK). Five years ago, the Indian property market was one that went right under the overseas investors' radar. A build quality that was variable at best, and at worst downright shoddy, poor infrastructure, economic uncertainty and a host of regulations to restrict non-Indian buyers were among the reasons that most property hunters looked elsewhere, despite temptingly low prices. There has been a sea change among buyers looking for a perfect holiday home due, in part, to the fact that even beachside properties still sell for what seems like silly money compared with Europe and Asia. In Goa, which has a British expat community of about 5,000 and a growing number of British buyers, it is possible to pick up a two-bedroom apartment for less than pounds 30,000, albeit by going through a number of hoops to secure it. Compared to Phuket, Thailand, where a beachside apartment is currently on sale for pounds 190,000, or the Costa del Sol, where pounds 150,000 might be a realistic figure, it's a steal. Yet the real boost to the Indian housing market, and what could lead to a relaxation in the country's protectionist property laws, has been the influx of multinational companies and their money.

Australia: Half of foreign students report racism
15 Jun: The Age. International students studying at Australian universities are suffering from "alarming levels" of discrimination, isolation and financial pressure, according to research. A Monash University study has found that half the international students interviewed had suffered from discrimination or bad treatment; 57 per cent of female students reported discrimination. 497 words.
For full text click here.

Asian Film Festival
16 Jun: Gay City News (New York). The first Indian film about a gay man with AIDS, “My Brother Nikhil,” is essentially a feature-length public service announcement. A handsome swimming champion, Nikhil hides his boyfriend from his parents, who would like to force him into a quick marriage. His life turns upside down when he tests positive for HIV; under the island of Goa’s medieval laws, he’s immediately arrested and confined to a rat-infested sanatorium.

Anthony D'Souza set to rock Hollywood
19 Jun: Deccan Herald. Mumbai-based music video director Anthony D’Souza is all set to direct music videos for guitar maestro Carlos Santana and teen heartthrob Avril Lavigne. Only his trip to the US, in August, will reveal to him the nature of work expected from him.

Indian diaspora may get exclusive university
20 Jun: Hindustan Times. An exclusive university for overseas Indians has been the central government for its 25-million strong Diaspora. The measures are in addition to dual citizenship and introduction of smart cards for People of Indian Origin (PIO) announced last week.,0008.htm

Foreigners find diversity in work abroad
21 Jun: South China Morning Post. If there are any residual doubts about foreigners happily taking up jobs in India, a chat with those in the country dispels them. At the New Delhi offices of Technovate e-Solutions, more than 100 foreigners from nine countries work alongside 900 Indians carrying out sales, telesales and booking work for e-Bookers, the leading online travel agency in Europe. "India is no longer seen as a hardship post. Instead of taking a gap year, these young people come and earn money, they can have long weekends in Goa, and they're working in an international atmosphere with international clients," said Technovate chief executive Prashant Sahni.

Foreign Property-Hunting Picks Up in Pace: Goa This Way
21 Jun: St. Petersburg Times (Russia). Though a market that has only gained notice in the last two years, realtors say demand for foreign real estate has skyrocketed. In 2004, Russians spent over $7.5 billion on buying property abroad, according to realtor estimates … This year Goa authorities let non-residents own real estate and land. The region became very popular and prices increased two to three times.

Indian call centre 'fraud' probe
23 Jun: BBC. Police are investigating reports that an Indian call centre worker sold the bank account details of 1,000 UK customers to an undercover reporter. The Sun claims one of its journalists bought the personal details from an IT worker in Delhi for £4.25 each. They included account holders' secret passwords, addresses, phone numbers and passport details, it reports. Full text at

UK: TV HIGHLIGHTS By Mafalda de’Sa

Sat.25/6. BBC 4: 7.20pm (145mins) Monsoon Railway (repeat)
A four month battle occurs every year in India to keep the railway running through the monsoon rains. This fond portrait shows how both rail and rain are vital to the country.

Mon.27/6. Channel 4: 8.00pm (60mins) Living with Aids
Award winning African journalist Sorious Samura spends a month as an orderly in a Zambian hospital and gives us a glimpse into hell. This is a desperate, sad, harrowing vision of the Aids epidemic that’s already killed 26 million Africans throughout the continent. With a widespread mistrust of condoms and dangerous messages from the local church, the virus continues to be passed.

Thurs. 30/6. UKTV Food: 11.00am (30mins) Delhi Belly
Delicious kebabs are on the menu.

Fri. 1/7. BBC 1: 9.30pm (30mins) The Kumars at No.42
Guests tonight are versatile actress Zoë Wannamaker and entertainment phenomenon David Hasselhoff.

Sat. 2/7. FilmFour: 12.10am (100mins) Black and White
Provocative look at race relations in contemporary America. Starring Robert Downey Jnr and James Toback

Mon. 27/6 BBC Radio 4: 11.00are (30mins) Plain Tales from the Commonwealth (Last in the series)
Mr Chips of Chitral. At 87 Major Langlands is the only British resident remaining in the Chitral valley of Pakistan. He has been a teacher there since independence, for most of the time in remote tribal areas and has been kidnapped and held hostage by tribesmen. Aidan Hartley meets a remarkable man


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 26 Jun. G.O.A. Family Day/Junior Football Tournament - Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Rd Croydon CR9 3AS: Teams from Village Organisations welcome. £1.00 per player. Start time 9.30am. Closing date for entries 12/6/05. Entry forms & conditions available from 020-8764-8780 / 020-8251-2737; 020-7217-6330(Work). 020-8658-7769 or 020-8856-6018
Family day – Health Sessions 12 noon to 1pm – Diabetic session by DSN Erica Figueira. 1pm to 2pm - Healthy Lifestyle by Dr Agnelo Fernandes MBE. Indoor activities – Carrom, Card Games. Entry: Free.

Sun. 26 Jun. Benaulim Feast at White Hart Lane School Hall, Wood Green. Mass at 12.30 sharp, followed by dancing to the lovely music from Breakthro'. Tickets: Members £7.00, Guest £8.00, Children 10-16 £2.00, Under 10 Free. For Tickets and further info contact Mary Alfonso 020 8803 9752, Felipe Dias 020 8368 9663 or Josephine Fernandes 020 8967 7471

Sun. 26 Jun. 5.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Sun 3rd July Aldona Association - Celebration of St Thomas' feast at White Hart Lane School, White Hart Lane N22. Mass 12pm. Music by Revival and Say One Do One. Tickets- Members £7, Non Members £8 and Children £5. Contact Alfred Louzado 020 8737 7786, Marilyn Moniz 020 8441 9075, Caroline Fernandes 020 8952 0435.

Sat 9 Jul. Swindon Konkani Dramatic Association, UK presents a Konkani Musical Show "Goencho Avaz". Top Comedians and Singers from Goa will be touring UK, Canada, France, Portugal and USA. For further information contact Domacian Moniz: 0208 376 1609 / 07940 501196. Or email at:

Sun 10 Jul. G.O.A OPEN 2005 - London Golf Tournament at Whitney Lakes near Oxford. GOA UK members £17.50, Overseas GOA Affiliations £30.00, Guests £35.00. Applications on a first come first served basis. Closing date for entries: 5th June 2005. Contact: Jacinto D'Silva 020 - 8723 1233, Menino Mascarenhas 01784 211832, Cedric D'Cruz 020 - 8954 1596

Sun 10 Jul. Tivim Feast "Taste of Africa" at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road Croydon. Mass at 12.30 p.m. Nite Life and Mellow Tones. Details from Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 8771 4457

Sun. 10 Jul. Copland Hall, Wembley. Konkani Dramatic Association, UK presents a Konkani Musical Show "Goencho Avaz". Top Comedians and Singers from Goa will be touring UK, Canada, France, Portugal and USA. For further information contact Domacian Moniz: 0208 376 1609 / 07940 501196. Or email at:

Fri. 15 Jul. 7pm until midnight. Midsummer Fund Raising Dance @ Bottwell Hall, Botwell Lane, Hayes, Music by the band "Mustang" and disco by "Nite Life." Tickets advance only £10:00 children under 10 yrs £5:00. For tickets: Sean Almeida 07841 383709; George Hillier 020 8908 1039; Tony Lobo 020 8542 0528; Alison Braganza 07799 586793

Sat. 16 Jul. Dr. Ribeiro Goan School (Nairobi) Reunion. 5.00 - 11.30 p.m. Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon. Tickets available ex-students & partners now; to all after 10 June. Contact Donald & Alvira 0208 300 6154; Viv & Reggie Remedios 0208 204 1912; Lambert Pereira 0208 570 2347; Cornelius Monteiro 0208 681 8716.

Sun. 24 Jul. 5.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Sun 31 Jul: G. O.A. GOAN FESTIVAL in conjunction with Goan Organisations at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon. Starts with Holy Mass at 12.15 pm. Contact: Diego Pinto 020 - 8767 0663 Alfred Rebello 020 – 8337 8022. For stall applications: Bernie Gracias 020 – 8723 1322


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