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UK: Delena and Janine Fernandes: White Blood
Delena & Janine
13 Nov: Times Higher Education Supplement…The accounts of leukaemia survivor Janine and her mother Delena are remarkable… Click here.
Janine was born in 1990 in Chislehurst, Kent. Daughter to Richard and Delena Fernandes and sister to Kirsten. At the age of 4 and a half, she was diagnosed with leukaemia. She is now fully recovered. She attends Newstead Wood School for Girls, Orpington, Kent and is now preparing for her A Levels. Delena Fernandes was born in Nairobi, Kenya. She immigrated to London in 1970 and now works as a local government officer. The book can be purchased via the internet and major bookstores.
For details of the book, click here.

UK: J Da Costa: My Top 10 Favourite Foods
28 Nov. Eastern Eye (UK). She lists: Lasagne, Salt Beef Bagel, Shepherds Pie, Apple Crumble, Strawberry cheesecake, Spaghetti Bolognese, Poppadoms with Chutney, Lamb Bhuna Curry, Dolmah and Curried Goat. For details, click here.
For more information of what J da Costa is up to and her new album, click here.

Savio Carvalho: Activists blast US at climate change talks
2 Dec: Associated Press. Environmentalists criticized the United States and other rich countries Tuesday for failing so far to make meaningful commitments at a U.N. conference on climate change. "We were quite disappointed in the negotiations that went on" because negotiators were "splitting hairs" on whether to adopt long-term goals to reduce emissions, said Savio Carvalho of Oxfam International… 475 words. Click here.
Climate change; what Uganda needs to do now
1 Dec: The Monitor (Uganda). By Savio Carvalho. 748 words. Click here.
Savio Carvalho is Director of Oxfam, Uganda. He traces his Goan roots to Ucassaim. For a profile of him click here.

Tampa: Joyce Thomas Joins Hoover Practice
3 Dec: Tampa Tribune. Dentist Joyce Thomas moved to the Tampa area from New Jersey. Thomas, a mother of two, joined the practice in mid-September… she is a "proud first-generation American whose family came from Goa… 378 words.

UK: James D'Silva: Trudie’s flexible friend
James and Trudie
4 Dec: Daily Mail. Trudie Styler, Sting’s wife, introduced Madonna to Guy Ritchie and in return the pop queen decided that Trudie needed a new man, Pilates guru, James d'Silva in her life… Trudie and James d'Silva are a match made in heaven. 'He's wonderful,' swoons Trudie. 'I see him six times a week.' James, 41, has been giving Trudie private workouts for five years at his London studio in St John's Wood, where he has opened a new centre called The Bombay Gymkhana. 190 words. Click here.
For the GVUK James D’Silva supplement click here.

UK : Alison Braganza: The Printers' Charitable Corporation
4 Dec: M2 Presswire (UK). The Printers' Charitable Corporation (PCC) is the UK's second-oldest occupational charity… Alison Braganza has been promoted to Fundraising and Marketing Officer… Alison, who has a BSc Hons in Psychology, has recently been awarded a MSc in Charity Management by the Chartered Institute of Company Secretaries and Actuaries… For full text click here.
Alison was born in 1978 and lives in Crawley, West Sussex. She is the daughter of Bento and Martha (ex Nairobi). She was PR & Events Manager for Young London Goans Society (YLGS) from 2002 to 2007. Alison is currently seeking support for her Sponsored Weight Loss – click here.

Toll-free number for expats
6 Dec. Times of India. For non-resident Indian’s with grievances, filing a complaint with the Government of India will soon be just a phone call away. In a bid to make a connect with the Indian diaspora and offer succour to those Indians in need, the ministry of overseas Indian affairs will enable around 30 million Indians living in 130 countries to dial a toll free number from anywhere in the world…407 words. Click here.

Video: BBC2: Goan Cuisine: Alex dos Santos
8 Dec: BBC2. Featuring Jonathon Readman, his Goan wife, Lorraine, his mother-in-law Clara… Alex dos Santos provides a hilarious insight into the extraordinary methods of making prized Goan sausages. Repeated 13 Dec. 11:30 on BBC One. To check out the video recording of the show (30 min) before 22 Dec click here.
For the Alex dos Santos Goan Foods website, click here.

Goan diaspora youth complete visit of state
Click to enlarge
9 Dec: Times of India. The dozen youth comprised the first batch of participants in the Know Goa Programme … Among them: Karl Noronha from Australia; Ivan de Silva de Andrade from Mozambique; and from Canada: Lyndsey Marie Vas, Rachel Castellino, Charlene D’Cruz, Vincent Fernandes … 527 words. Click here.

Montreal: Francois Rebello avenges defeat in 2007 election
9 Dec: The Gazette (Montreal). François Rebello, a member of the Part Québécois's executive, easily won the South Shore riding that was part of the Action démocratique's surprising success in the previous election. Rebello, an economist and the PQ's vice-president said that his campaign focused on young families in the riding … La Prairie: François Rebello PQ 16,322. Marc Savard PLQ 13,621. Monique Roy Verville ADQ 5,162… 547 words. Click here.
Francois Rebello's father is from Goa.

Manuel D'Souza: Tantalizing blue
10 Dec: Indian Express. Tanzanite, the 'Generational Gemstone' is deemed as the most imperative gem discovery in the past 2000 years… in 1967, Manuel D'Souza a tailor of Indian origin and a hobbyist prospector accidentally led to the discovery of this tantalizing blue… 520 words. Click here.
For the GVUK Manuel D’Souza supplement click here.

UK: Janet D’Sa jailed for criminal damage
10 Dec: Croydon Guardian. Janet D’Sa mounted a sustained campaign of harassment against a succession of her landlords. Last week she found guilty of criminal damage … The 49-year-old from Croydon was also found guilty of theft after stealing hundreds of letters from her neighbours and a Royal Mail postbag. A Judge sentenced her on Friday to a total of 12 months in prison for the two offences… 500 words. Click here.

UAE: Match point: Love Sans Frontieres
11 Dec: XPRESS (United Arab Emirates) Filipino women hooking up with Indian men is as common as high-rises in Dubai’s skyline, while Filipino men going out with Indian women is as rare as the desert rain… Neil D’Souza, 29, a banker from Goa, India met his fiancée, Katrina Longno, 26, a media executive from Philippines, at a party here. The couple plan to tie the knot next year… "The first time I saw him at a party, I was repulsed," said Katrina "He looked like a druggie… 1516 words. Click here.


9 Dec: Dona Paula, Goa. ANUNCIACAO CAMELO. Wife of late Santana Rodrigues. Mother of Miguel/Aida, Andre/Maria Luiza, John/Piedade, Mariano/Filomena (Tiatrist), Carlos/Shanti, Remediana/Moti, Amelia/Inacio (London), Mena/Valente (Dubai).

7 Dec: Bangalore, India. DENIS HILLARY NORONHA. Husband of the late Aramita Noronha (ex Nairobi, Mbeya). Father of Cynthia/Michael (Toronto), Odette/Stephen (Toronto), Patricia (Bangalore), Millie/Eddie (Bangalore), Agnes/Jehangir (Toronto), Anna/Chris (Montreal), Vincent/Oriel (Toronto). Grandfather of Shaun, Karl and Mateo. Brother of late Aloysius/late Gertie, Bart/Sircula, Mary/late Luis, Stan/Phila, Mina/Damascene and the late Juju/Dolly Fernandez. Brother-in-law to the late Eva/late Trinidad, late Lisboa/late Olga, late Polli, Dolly/late Juju, late Nel/Fatima. Messages of condolences to: [Info from Stephen de Souza, Mississauga].

7 Dec: Bastora, Goa. NELSON FRANCISCO DE SOUZA. (Born 1934; Jeweller, UK). Husband of Janet. Father of Peter and Rachel/Juster Becham.

6 Dec. Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. CLAUDIUS D'SILVA. Beloved son of Late Xavier/Joanita. Ever-loving husband of Lima. Cherished father of Daniel & Diane, (Dar-es-Salaam). Loving brother of Late Alirio, Steve/Conny (Canada), Regina/Jerry (Canada), Rachel/Schubert (Goa). Son in-law of Alfred/Josephine and brother in-law of Brian/Judy (Canada). Funeral: Dec 12, 2008, at 3.00 pm at St. Joseph's Cathedral, Dar-es-Salaam. Condolences to

4 Dec: Calgary, Canada. STEVEN JOE DE SOUZA (born 1948). He leaves behind his beloved children, Malcolm (Nathalie), Wesley (Georgina), Ryan (Ioulia), Melissa (Matthew), Justen and Vanessa. Brother of Selzick (Corryine)…Funeral Mass will be held at Corpus Christi Parish at on Wed Dec. at 11:00 a.m. For full details click here.
Steve was ex-Nairobi, educated at St. Teresa's School. He then went to Michigan and eventually moved to Canada where he lived in Montreal and finally Calgary

4 Dec: Northampton, UK. CAROLINA D'SOUZA (formerly of Kisumu, Kenya). Mother of Ancy, Sheila/Henry, Clara/Dimas, Nora/Alfred, Louiza/Peter, Zita/Michael, Sophie/Savio and Tony. Grandmother and great grandmother.
The family would like to express their gratitude and appreciation to all those who have sent messages of condolence. As you are aware, our mother was a very private person and we feel that it would be her wish as well as ours that her funeral remain private to her immediate family. However, we are sure that your thoughts will be with her on the day of her funeral which will be Friday 12th December.

3 Dec: Quepem, Goa: CONSTANCIO TRINDADE CARNEIRO. Husband of Joanita. Father of Jovy/Juliana (US), Rolina/Mario (UK). Brother of late Antonio, late Christina, Augusta (UK) and Late Joanita. Brother-in-law of Bernadina/Salvador, Francisco/Emilia (UK), Angelica/Florence and Immaculate/Franky (UK).

2 Dec: Alto Aquem, Goa. CESAR FRANCISCO GSE MIRANDA (BABUCHO). Husband of Amparita (Maria). Father of Marisa/Francis (UK), Corina/Kim (Canada), Iola (UK). Brother of late Augusta, late Ermelinda/late Edmund Pacheco, Sr Cesarina (Calcutta), late Aida, Albertina Giralda, Maria Emilia/Romeo (Portugal).

2 Dec: Frankfurt, Germany. JERRY D’SOUZA (ex-Mahim, Mumbai). Husband of Vira. Father of Juergen & Yasmin. Funeral on 8 Dec. in Mumbai.

25 Nov: TONY BRAGANZA, Croydon /Calangute, husband of the late Eva, father of Elaine/ Ian (UK), Late Dr Kevin/Jane (UK), grandfather of Yvonne/Steve, Euan, Eleanor, Joseph, Katherine and Alexander and great grandfather of Heath.

16 Nov: Sydenham, Kent, England. MELWIN ALBUQUERQUE (ex Peat Marwick Mitchell, Nairobi). Beloved wife of the late Olinto Albuquerque and dearly loved mother of Carmen (Seraph De Souza), Vanda (Richard Shadbolt), Yvette (Robin Youngs), Odette (Edgar Ferrao), Glyn, and John (Annette). Mel was the doting grandma of David, Thomas, Stephanie, Jonathan, Ben, Rebecca, Graeme and Ben. Survived by four sisters and one brother. A Funeral Mass and cremation took place on Nov. 26th in Croydon, England. Condolences to click here.

Weekly column by Selma Carvalho. Do leave your feedback at

Who the Bleep cares about Scarlett Keeling?

In a small snippet of news this week that almost escaped most people's attention Fiona Mackeown, has been given "one last chance" to appear for a hearing before the Department of Women and Child Development, failing which action will be taken despite her absence.

At the heart of the Scarlett Keeling story lies a mother and a daughter. This is a story that touches every parent. Parenting is such a hit-and-miss affair, one is bound to make small mistakes at times and monumental ones at other times. My parenting career has been a small one as my daughter is only three years old. But early on, when she was about two-and-half, I learnt an invaluable lesson. We were at a party and I insisted that she not drink juice when all her other friends were drinking juice. She brought the house down as only a toddler can. She screamed, rolled and foamed and simply would not relent. I knew that day that there are some choices that are so important to children, that it is unfair of us parents to deny them their democratic right of choice. Their choices are perhaps unwise but we as parents must operate with the knowledge that children are above all individuals in their own right and allow them the privilege of failure.

What went on between Scarlett and Fiona, we will never know. What dynamics transpired for this woman to leave her child in Goa will remain between this parent and a dead child. Perhaps it was a decision made by a strong-willed fifteen year old girl to venture on her own and given the circumstances her mother yielded. We can be certain that Fiona lives that day a thousand times over in her mind. That she wishes she could somehow undo it, take it back, rewind it and change the course of events that transpired. Is the quality of our mercy and justice in Goa so strained and meagre that we cannot comprehend this about this mother?

I'm not a legal expert but frankly I'm curious as to what jurisdiction a Goan NGO has to file a complaint against a British national and for quasi-judicial authority like the Department of Women and Child Development, to prosecute for the negligence and alleged consequent death of another British national. Is it that the Department cannot find enough causes in Goa to take up? Then I request them to look to all those that hire under-aged girls and boys to work in their kitchens and restaurants, the countless girls sometimes barely past legal age who will be forced into marrying against their will, the parents who think nothing about battering their children in the name of discipline, the mothers who've raised men who think nothing about selling drugs or raping under-aged girls. And not least of all, hold every Goan parent responsible for producing a society that is incapable of voting in a clean government. Before we seek to make an example of a hapless foreign woman who lost her daughter to a gruesome crime committed by Goans, let's clean our own stables.


My English neighbours in Goa
30 Nov: Digital Journal (Toronto). By Armstrong Vaz. Chrissie and Mike Shepherd are responsible tourists who care about nature, when, Goa has put a stop to foreigners registering purchase or sale of property, as a result registrars are not registering land deals from foreigners… The 60 something English couple quietly slipped into the village when no one was unduly concerned about foreigners buying property in Goa. 821 words. Click here.

Travel - Xmas exodus
4 Dec: Time Out (London). Mumbai may have been blacklisted by the FCO, but India remains an obvious choice for a cheap getaway… you can spend a week in Goa for around £500…Flights and a week in a three-star resort in Arpora, North Goa costs from £541 through Dreamticket ( Or fly to Goa independently ( has flights departing on Christmas Day for £350)…

Kingfisher to launch Mumbai-London flights
4 Dec. Indian Info Line. Kingfisher has announced that as of January 5, it will commence daily non-stop flights from Mumbai to London Heathrow. The flights on the Mumbai-London sector will be operated using a brand new Airbus A330-200, widely billed as the best A330 ever built for any airline. 545 words. Click here.

Goa cracks down on foreigners who overstay
5 Dec: Economic Times. The Goa government has launched a drive against foreigners who overstay and those residing without proper permits. The state police rounded up more than 10 foreigners, whose nationality details have been withheld, for not providing vital documents. 244 words. Click here.

Terror attack takes toll on hotel business
5 Dec: Times of India. … Last Saturday, where the weekend Indian tourists arrive in droves, saw hotels in Panaji wearing a deserted look… 371 words. Click here.

Property: Make your money Goa further
5 Dec: Business 24/7 (UAE). India's paradise state of Goa is known for its beaches, Western influence and ridiculously low prices … Riddled with government policies and local red tape, acquisition of property isn't the prettiest process, but its returns certainly are… 467 words. Click here.

Less foreigners travelling to India for elective surgeries
5 Dec: Channel News Asia. Fewer foreigners are coming to India for elective surgeries. Hospitals in the western state of Goa – a tourist hotspot – have reported a 50 per cent drop in number of foreign patients… 366 words. Click here.

Goa a transit point for drugs to Europe
7 Dec: Digital Journal (Toronto). By Armstrong Vaz. The arrest of the Mayor of Canacona Town shows how deep the drug trafficking roots have taken shape in the state… In recent years Goa has become a transit point for drugs shipped out to various European countries and a production centre for synthetic party drugs… drug lords based in Goa are using minors (both boys and girls) as ‘mules’ and carbonised suitcases to ship their drugs to Europe… 1097 words. Click here.

Tourism: Growth And Challenges
7 Nov: Times of India. A report released at the Goa Economic Summit 2008 states that the major objectives of the tourism planning and development … introduction of meters on the taxis … lack of order on the beaches in terms of beach shacks and couches… A garbage disposal system is lacking in the state… airport infrastructure for handling increased loads… 548 words. Click here.

Party’s over at Anjuna flea market?
7 Dec: Hindustan Times. After the meltdown and the Mumbai terror strikes hit tourist inflow, the famous Anjuna beach flea market and other night markets popular with visitors could be shut down or regulated strictly. 214 words. Click here.

Princess Eugenie: A Goan beach hut and a hippy night out
7 Dec: Mail on Sunday (UK). Princess, the 18-year-old Royal – sixth in line to the throne – was staying in a £13-a-night beach shack in the Fernandes resort on Palolem beach … the staff had no idea of the identity of their VIP guest in the £13 a night hut… A friend said, “A lot of guys would try their luck with Eugenie. She turned them all down, but always in a very polite way.” 543 words. Click here.
The Fernandes Resort website is at click here.

A lovely Christmas in Goa
7 Dec: Seattle Times. Reader Denise LaFountaine shares her experience spending Christmas in Goa… It felt strange to be suddenly transported to this other India with Jolly Old Saint Nicks, Christmas trees and candy canes… 495 words. Click here.

Goan hotels count on discounts to woo back tourists
8 Dec: Economic Times. The terror attacks in Mumbai have forced Goan hotels to offer steep discounts during its peak season. 342 words. Click here.

Indian minister seeks federal help for Goa airport
8 Dec: Passenger Terminal Today (UK). The governor of Goa, Shivinder Singh Sidhu has called on the federal government to improve Goa’s ailing airport infrastructure. 156 words. Click here.

£185 return East Midlands/Goa. Dep 16 Dec. 14-Nights
8 Dec: Monster Travel is offering a fantastic 14-night flight only to the winter hotspot of Goa for just £185 per person. Call Monster Travel on 0800 280 2562. Other dates avail at a supplement. Click here.

Ingo Grill: Pioneer of Goa’s night market
9 Dec: Times of India. Ingo, a name synonymous with the night market in Goa, has major plans for tourists and Goans…He came to Goa in 1976 and fell in love with the land. Gradually over time and travel he decided to start the concept of night markets in Goa, which was an instant success among tourists, foreign and domestic alike… 539 words. Click here.

Drunk tourist bad mouths lifeguards for rescuing him
9 Dec: Times of India. It was an anti-climax of sorts for lifeguards stationed at the Colva beach when they rescued a drunk tourist from a watery grave and were paid back with foul words from the tourist who was probably not pleased with what had transpired. 260 words. Click here.

'It changed the face of clubbing'
9 Dec: Times of India. “This is only our second coming,” says Nikhil Chinapa about Sunburn, one of Asia’s biggest club festival held in Goa later this month. “People also think it’s a foreign brand. It’s not. It’s our very own party, which brings together some of the world’s best DJs, belting out their brands of music for three whole days.” 325 words. Click here.

Goa Police unaware of British Princess’ Presence
9 Dec: IANS. The Goa Police was unaware of the presence of British princess Eugenie holidaying at a South Goa beach until a local newspaper ran the story on 9 Dec. based on a report in British tabloid Daily Mail… 298 words. Click here.
On 1 Dec. and 7 Dec. Goan Voice UK reported the presence of the Princess in Goa.

40-45% of travellers cancel bookings to Goa
11 Dec: Times of India. The roving traveller, holding a one-way ticket to Goa, while on a globetrotting wanderlust in holiday season is either discovering cheaper new destinations in the neighbourhood or simply just staying at home. 410 words. Click here.


Goa schools lose out on UK student volunteers
2 Dec: Digital Journal (Toronto). By Armstrong Vaz. World Challengers Expeditions Ltd., an independent U.K. organization, has been offering overseas adventure education programs for young people since 1987 aimed at developing their leadership skills and individual potential… the Goa placement program ran into rough waters and for the last few years Goa has been losing out on utilizing the Gap Challenge volunteer's services… 2043 words. Click here.

Feast of St. Francis Xavier
4 Dec. Times of India. “The Church does not impose her doctrine on others, but proposes it to those who are willing to accept it,” former Papal Nuncio in South Africa, Archbishop Blasco Colaco said at Old Goa on Wednesday, delivering the homily at the Pontifical mass on the occasion of the feast of Goencho Saib, St Francis Xavier. 365 words. Click here.

Bomb Hoax at Goa Hotel
5 Dec. Times of India. A bomb hoax call made to the Cidade de Goa hotel, claiming that a bomb was planted on its premises was received from a mobile number. Even more embarrassingly, the number was later traced to the Speaker of Goa legislative assembly, Pratapsingh Rane. Mr Rane was understandably shocked. 193 words. Click here.

A report on IFFI 2008 to be made public
6 Dec. The Hindu. For the first time, all aspects of IFFI including its financial transactions will be made public through a document to be issued by the organisers. Earlier the media had questioned the expenditure of IFFI, especially on peripheral activities. 234 words. Click here.

Goa to have multi-storied parking
6 Dec. Times of India. Five major cities in Goa are slotted to have multi-storied parking soon with a view to easing traffic congestion. The old bus stand near the South Goa police headquarters in the heart of Margao being one of them. The other sites are Mapusa, Panjim, Ponda and Vasco. 437 words. Click here.

Penetrating Security at Goa Police HQ Is Child’s Play
6 Dec: Times of India. … Disturbed by the recent happenings in Mumbai, Felly Gomes, a youngster from Assagao, decided to check out how secure people in Goa were… On three different days, Felly strolled into the police headquarters…He wandered around and left his bag at different places. And not even once he was accosted by any policeman… 596 words. Click here.

Goa police wake up to security threat
7 Dec. Times of India. TOI’s expose on the security lapses at the Goa police headquarters has forced the cops to swing into action. On Saturday, security was tightened and entry of civilians restricted to the gate opposite Azad Maidan… 164 words. Click here.

Corrupt police give Goa the jitters
7 Dec: Digital Journal (Toronto). By Armstrong Vaz. …Goa Police continue to be lethargic in discharging their duties with corruption taking precedence over tighten security… old practice of accepting Rs.10 from each and every vehicle which enters Goa, and throwing the mandatory vehicle check a backseat is one cause of concern…The price a new recruit into the force has to pay corrupt politicians has shot up to INR 5 lakh… 1768 words. Click here.

Goa security business booms
9 Dec: Times of India. If ever there was an opportune time to get into the security business, it is now. With Goa high on the terror list, owners of security businesses in Goa are laughing all their way to the bank. 391 words. Click here.

Trip aims at saving lives
9 Dec: Arizona Daily Star. Later this month, 14 local certified lifeguards and water-safety instructors will teach drowning prevention in India, where death by drowning is five times as common as in the U.S… As of last week, volunteers had raised more than $20,000 in donations to pay for the trip … Swim India began last January, when Schaub and three other certified lifeguards travelled to the Indian state of Goa, where they trained 22 lifeguards … 638 words. Click here.

Chances of towing River Princess fade
9 Dec: Times of India. Chances of refloating and towing away the grounded vessel River Princess from Candolim beach before the next monsoon in 2009 appear to have faded once again due to by-now customary factors, including legal wrangles. 526 words. Click here.

Goans acquiring weapons for self-defence on the rise
10 Dec: Navhind Times. The image of Goa being a peaceful state is gradually changing, with the threat perception from various quarters ranging from robbers to terrorists forcing more and more residents to go for acquisition of weapons. Between 2005 and 2008 346 persons have been granted gun licences … 549 words. Click here.

Russian land mafia at work in Canacona!
10 Dec: Herald. Is the Russian land mafia at work in Canacona taluka? This seems to be the query of locals, after a group of Russians claiming to own a land allegedly attacked a Goan and his staff running the Neptune Point Beach Resort on lease at a disputed site in Colomb beach on Sunday… 571 words. Click here.

Rohit had never gone absconding: Goa Police
10 Dec: PTI. Goa Police today said that state education minister Atanasio Monserrate's son, Rohit, accused of raping a German minor girl, had never gone absconding…the Chief Justice's interim order had claimed that Rohit was absconding … The case will be heard on December 18… 323 words. Click here.

No need for CBI probe in German girl case: Cops
11 Dec: Times of India. In an affidavit filed in the High Court of Bombay at Goa, the Goa police submitted that “there has been no laxity in the investigation” and that it was “on account of non-cooperation of the complainant and the victim girl”, that investigations were hampered in the alleged rape case of a minor German girl… 719 words. Click here.

Goa's fish haul plummeting
11 Dec: Navhind Times. The period from January to October 2008, registered only 54,818 tonnes of fish haul… The department of fisheries recorded fish production of 91,185 tonnes during 2007 compared to 103,091 tonnes during the year 2006. Goa exports around 15,000 tonnes of fish, earning a revenue of about Rs 60 crore annually (approx. 60p a kilo?). The fish generally exported are mackerel, ribbonfish, squid, cuttlefish, prawns and so on to countries like the USA, Japan, China, etc. 488 words. Click here.

Weekly Update
11 Dec: Times of India – Goa edition. Weather: Max = 35.3; Min =21.1. Humidity 62% to 81%
Exchange rates £= 72.37 ; $ =48.95 ; Euro = 63.22

Goa: A haven for anti-social activities
14 Dec: Organiser. … According to studies by Transparency International, Goa is among the most corrupt states in India. Goa is now lost to sex, drugs and sleaze. The recent two brutal incidents—death of Scarlett Keeling and the rape of the German minor will definitely have a negative impact on the tourism in Goa… 1098 words. Click here.


Foreign students under scanner in Goa
4 Dec: Times of India. The Goa police have decided to conduct a fresh survey of foreigners studying in the state to verify their antecedents and have sought government’s permission to be allowed to conduct surprise raids on institutions where foreign students are enrolled.. 451 words. Click here.

500 militants plan to enter India posing as fishermen
4 Dec: Mid-Day (Mumbai). Fresh reports indicate that fidayeens are likely to carry out terror attacks in Goa and Pune on the eve of Christmas and New Year… 397 words. Click here.

A1-Qaeda ‘threat to Indian resorts’
4 Dec: The Telegraph (UK). Foreign Office is preparing to issue a travel warning amid fears that al-Qaeda is planning to attack Indian holiday resorts popular with Western tourists by the New Year…Mumbai’s anti-terror squad said it had alerted the resorts of Goa and Pune that militants had infiltrated the area and could attack Western visitors at the end of the year… Click here.

India: to go or not to go?
4 Dec: The Telegraph (UK). Stephen McClarence, who has visited the country 15 times, reflects on the calculations that have to be made by prospective holidaymakers in the wake of the Bombay attacks…Four Indian airports are on high alert following warnings of 9/11-style hijacking attempts, and security has been stepped up in Goa… 580 words. Click here.

Al-Qaeda to target installations in Goa
6 Dec. Press Trust of India. A cabinet note was circulated today to ministers in Goa stating that Al Qaeda would target certain installations in tourist hotspot Goa. This is the first time that the Goa Government has publicly admitted to being on the Al Qaeda radar, something it had denied so far….218 words. Click here.

‘Red-alert Scheme’ asks Goa police to be wary of terror attack
7 Dec: PTI. Goa police today circulated ‘Red-alert Scheme’ to all its police stations, which advised them on reacting to a terror attack…Goa State Cabinet, earlier, had conceded threat from terrorist outfits like Al-Qaeda and had suggested that an armed police force be raised. 166 words. Click here.

Terror alert sounded in Goa
8 Dec: NDTV. A terror alert has put a dampener on the festive mood. Security is unprecedented even as the state administration asks for more forces…Now, as the countdown to the New Year begins and Goa gets ready to celebrate, it seems the party will take place under the shadow of the gun. 293 words. Click here.

India warns that Al-Qaida targeting Goa
8 Dec: Jerusalem Post. The Indian beach resort of Goa, a major destination for Israeli backpackers and holidaymakers, is at risk of being struck by al-Qaida, a local politician warned over the weekend…Goa is where Jews and Israelis gather... 392 words. Click here.

Why Goa is on high alert
8 Dec: Rediff. … There is now a question about whether there is a specific threat to Goa. The Goa government and the Intelligence Bureau said there is no specific threat to Goa at the moment… While for the Mumbai attack, the brief was to target both Israelis and Americans, the idea behind the Goa attack was to kill British nationals… 481 words. Click here.

Secret Cabinet note warns of Qaida threat
8 Dec: Times of India. The note which was marked “secret”, states “Today Goa faces serious threat from terrorists and there were specific inputs that Al-Quada (sic) would target certain installation/target in Goa…” 369 words. Click here.

Security along Goa's coastline a matter of concern
10 Dec: NDTV… Goa is an invitation to dubious activities… none of the police outposts have a single boat for sea patrol… Patrolling along Goa's shores involves the coast guard, the Indian Navy and the state police. But the lack of coordination between those agencies has left gaping loopholes that could be exploited… 399 words. Click here.

Israelis advised to stay away from Goa in second half of December
11 Dec: Jerusalem Post. The National Security Council's counter-terrorism bureau issued a travel advisory Wednesday against travel to Goa during the second half of December, traditionally the peak tourist season there… Click here.


The Bombay I shall never forget
3 Dec. GoaNet. Roland Francis, of Goan origin, now settled in Canada, spent much of his youth in Mumbai. He writes a poignant essay remembering the Bombay of his youth and shares his views on its future. 1007 words. Click here.

Faced with shortage, Canada woos skilled Indian workers
4 Dec: Times of India. Canada is trying to attract young talent from countries like India by relaxing norms for visas in this category, says a Canadian immigration expert. 498 words. Click here.

Indian food at Christmas
5 Dec: The Times (UK). Anjum Anand advises a reader on how to spice up the festive table… Goans stick to their favourites, Sorpotel, pork vindaloo, stuffed fish or fish curry served with rice or their local bread…Bebinca is a 16-layer majestic cake that takes pride on the table and doubles as a wonderful spiced Christmas cake… Click here.

New details emerging from Mumbai Massacre
5 Dec. Voice of America. India is looking into the possibility that one of the planners of the assault in Mumbai has been in police custody since last February. The suspect, an Indian national who was arrested in connection with a police camp in the city of Rampur, had been carrying detailed drawings of hotels, the train terminal, and other sites that were targeted in Mumbai. India has acknowledged that a failure of its security and intelligence services contributed to last week’s three-day terror attacks on Mumbai. 783 words. Click here.

Indian police arrest 2 men in Mumbai investigation
6 Dec. Associated Press. Police arrested two Indian men accused of illegally buying mobile phone cards used by the gunmen in the Mumbai attacks, police said Saturday — the first known arrests since the bloody siege ended. It was not immediately clear whether the two had prior knowledge of the attacks, which killed 171 people. If they did, the arrests could represent evidence of homegrown ties to the attacks and be a blow to Indian officials who have blamed the massacre entirely on Pakistani extremists. 803 words. Click here.

Scarlett Keeling case: Fiona no-show
6 Dec. Fiona Mackeown, did not present herself before the Department of Child and Women Development (CWD) for a hearing in a case filed against her by a local NGO. Earlier the court had given her “one last chance” to appear in court in connection with a complaint of parental negligence. 319 words. Click here.

Rice’ing to the occasion
7 Dec: Times of India. Call it fodnicha bhat, arroz refogado or pulao, Melinda Pereira Kamat explains that there is an array of methods to prepare the popular fannachem xit… 739 words. Click here.

Bollywood: Original Soundtrack
7 Dec: Indian Express. A new book reveals the life and worth of the anonymous musicians who made Bollywood's golden melodies … One of the largest groups of musicians were Goan Christians-men like Anthony Gonsalves and violinist Jerry Fernandes who entered the industry in the late 1940s as it offered better financial returns than a career in jazz and military bands… 1184 words. Click here.

Spice up your diet with a tropical curry
8 Dec: Irish Independent. British TV chef Anjum Anand's recipes are much simpler than most, and she's just launched her third cookbook, Anjum's New Indian (Quadrille £20). The Green Meatball Curry has been inspired by the meatball stews of Goa. It is a beautiful dish and the flavours are deep and well rounded. For the recipe, 478 words, click here.

Man Jailed Over Mailed Drugs
9 Dec: Press Association (UK). A man who had illegal drugs delivered by post to his home in Carlisle has been sent to prison for 11 months. Gary Staveley ordered some 10,000 diazepam tablets from a supplier in Goa… Click here.

UK: Indian migrants score legal victory
11 Dec: Times of India. Thousands of Indian and other non-European Union professionals have won a legal victory in the UK with the high court allowing them to challenge retrospective changes to immigration rules that affected their status here adversely… 192 words. Click here.

Entire Indian Church invited to celebrate Christmas in subdued tones
10 Dec: Asia News.IT. The bishops' conference calls upon all the faithful of the country to avoid "ostentation," as a sign of solidarity with the Christians of Orissa and with the victims of the attacks in Mumbai… 301 words. Click here.


In an article originally on Indo-Asian News Service we hear the story of 12 young people of Goan origin (POGOs) discuss their 11 day familiarisation tour of Goa. The group included people from Canada, Mozambique, and Australia. To find out about some of the things they had to say about Goa on their short visit, click here.

David Albuquerque sent Goanet two pieces on reflections about the political problems evident in India linked to the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai. To read/see this click here and also here

Visitors to Goa from among Goan Voice (UK) readers and from elsewhere may find Goa much quieter than usual because far fewer tourists are now travel to Goa. Consequently, hotels in Goa offer steep discounts during the peak holiday season. There is much about this issue on many a website and from Google. This time, I have left out the website address available to me because it was longer than the pertinent information in this paragraph!

Hopefully, GV(UK) readers will find the following information interesting about the recent Mando Festival in Panjim. There are details of group singing from Michael Gracias, and an account of Seby Pereira and Goa's traditional drum, the gumot. Click here and also here and here.

Finally, do see some old film footage discovered by Jane Alphonso about a) the Indian Invasion of Portuguese Occupied Goa here. and about The Portuguese-India conflict here.

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By Lira Fernandes

SITCOM: Fags, Mags and Bags. BBC Radio Four
Friday 12th Dec. 11:30 to 12:00. Cousin Wacko. Sitcom written by and starring Sanjeev Kohli and Donald McLeary, set in a Glasgow corner shop. Ramesh's nephew arrives from India, complete with impressive shopkeeping skills, much to Alok's disgust.

TRAVEL: Globe Trekker. Travel Channel
Friday 12th Dec. 15:00 to 16:00. Ultimate India. With Ian Wright and his team of intrepid travellers.

HISTORY DOCUMENTARY: Victoria's Empire. UKTV History
Saturday 13th Dec. 12:00 to 13:00. Victoria Wood visits countries that were once part of the British Empire. Here, she visits India and Borneo.

TRAVEL: Beach Holidays For Adults. Sky Real Lives
Sunday 14th Dec. 00:30 to 01:00. If you are looking for a getaway that is ideal for adults then Sky Travel has a show dedicated to you! Destinations include Corfu, Jamaica and Goa!

DOCUMENTARY: Angry Planet. Travel Channel
Sunday 14th Dec. 13:30 to 14:00. Indian Monsoon. In June of next year we plan to intercept the Monsoon as it hits southern India and makes its way north along the western shore past Goa and Mumbai up to Delhi.

FILM: Raid on Entebbe. Channel 4
Tuesday 16th Dec. 12:40 to 15:15. Historical drama based on the true story of an Israeli commando mission in Uganda in 1976 to save the passengers of a plane hijacked by Palestinian terrorists.

DOCUMENTARY: Sharpe's Challenge - Behind The Scenes. ITV3
Wednesday 17th Dec. 22:40 to 23:40. An exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the making of Sharpe's Challenge, shot in Rajasthan in India, featuring interviews with actors Sean Bean, Toby Stephens, Daragh O'Malley and Padma Lakshmi.

COOKERY: Great British Food. Discovery Travel and Living
Thursday 18th Dec. 14:00 to 14:30. Tom celebrates the influence of Indian food on British cuisine, as he goes shopping with a spice and chutney queen and whips up vegetable pakoras.

DOCUMENTARY: Ready When You Are, Mr Patel. Sky Arts 1
Friday 19th Dec. 20:00 to 21:00. Documentary about busy Indian star Harish Patel. Famed for his role in Run, Fatboy, Run, he was acting in three films simultaneously during the making of this documentary.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 14 Dec: 1-5pm. S.E.GOANS KIDS XMAS PARTY. A great FAMILY party for children & parents to enjoy. St Stephens Church Hall, Deepdene Road, Welling DA16 3QL. Music, Buffet, crafts, games, kids entertainer & Santa Claus. (Please provide kids costumes for Nativity play & have a present clearly labelled with their name). Contact Sharon 01322 400732, Tatayana 0208 316 1473 for tickets. £2 members, £3 non members.

Fri. 26 Dec. 7pm till 1am. Slough Goans Christmas Dance at the Polish Association Club, Stoke Poges Lane. Music by “Say One Do One”. Adult Tickets £12 before 8th December. Tony/Suzy Rodrigues 01753 675072, Paul 07956 496 190. Sold out every year so please buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment

Wed 31 Dec: St Diogo's Association (UK) invites you to the 'New Year Eve Ball' at Bishop Thomas Grant School, Belltrees Grove, Streatham, London SW16 2HY from 7pm - 1am. Dancing to the sounds of live music by the fabulous band 'Black Velvet' with many prizes and surprises. Buffet/Dinner and Snacks are included in the ticket. For further details please contact Apolonia DeSouza 020 8686 1876 and Evan D'Souza 020 8427 8569. Please book early as no tickets will be sold at the door.

Wed 31 Dec. North London Goans invites you to the ‘New Year’s Eve Dance’ at Woodside High School Hall (Formerly White Hart Lane School, Opp. New River Sports Centre), White Hart Lane, Wood Green, London, N22 5QJ Music by LEVEL 4 (Band) & Press Play (Disco). From 7pm – 2am For tickets contact any of the following: - Tony Gomes 020 8245 1364, Seby D'Silva 020 8245 5463, Joe Telles 020 8443 1014, Oboe Noronha 020 8340 0439, Cos Fernandes 020 8888 8659, Meredith Soares 020 8803 4173, John Fernandes 020 8881 4579, Frank Mendes 020 8888 1400 or Bernadette Dias 020 8361 9417. Book early to avoid disappointment, tickets will not be sold at the door

Wed 31 Dec. From 7pm to 1am. You are invited to the traditional New Year's Eve Ball at Our Lady of the Visitation Church Hall 358 Greenford Road - UB6 9AN Goa's Top Most & Entertaining Band, BREAKTHRU which will thrill you through the night & Disco – A. Strictly Formal. Prices Adults £10 and Children 5 to 12 years £5. No tickets sold at the entrance. Contact: Maria 07944754998, Francisco 0208 3574281, Warren 07758280028 or Carlos 0208 2487387

Wed. 31 Dec: ‘Oh…What a Night in Goa’ Plumstead Dinner Dance New Year's Eve Gala Ball. Dancing to the sounds of Music Mania Disco. 7pm to 1am. Strictly formal. Prices (with dinner) Adults £12.50 and Children 5 to 15 years - £7.50. Advance Booking - No Tickets Sold at the Gate. Contact: Tony Joanes: 020 8265 9644/07791637730. Paul Barretto: 020 8311 1195/07951383262. Joe Fernandes: 020 8301 2608/07834753005. Click here. email:

Wed 31 Dec: Saligao Association UK invite you to a memorable New Year's Eve Ball at Tolworth Recreation Centre, Fullers Way North, Tolworth, Surrey KT6 7LQ from 7.00 pm to 2.00 am. Music by Mellow Tones, delicious food from Shirley's Kitchen. For tickets contact Sergio Coelho 020 8543 4681, Zemira Fernandes 01895 259947. Please book early as no tickets will be sold at the door.

Sat. 3 Jan: G.O.A. GOAN EXTRAVAGANZA at Wandsworth Town Hall. Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 – 8771 4457. Bernie Gracias 020 -8723 1322


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