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Why do you think that so few ballet dancers come from Indian backgrounds?
In ballet tights and tutus, you are very exposed, and I think that Indian men try to keep their women hidden away – they are not supposed to be on show! My father, who came from Goa, really believed that it was just a hobby and that one day I would grow out of it and get an office job!

Joanne de Souza has danced with Northern Ballet Theatre, Joffrey Ballet and Wayne Sleep’s Aspects of Dance and is now a principal dancer with City Ballet of London which is currently touring to Basingstoke, Isle of Man, Southport, Ulverston, Wimbledon, York, London (Peacock Theatre), Folkestone and Eastbourne.

Joanne de Souza in Carmen.
Photo: Peter Teigen
For the complete text of this article, see the printed edition of Dance Europe, issue 24, October/November 1999.

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Date: July 16, 1998
Funding puts London dancers on their toes again.
BY: Robin Stringer

The irrepressible City Ballet of London is back in business.

Led by the exotic Joanne De Souza, born in Wiltshire of Goan-South African parentage, and young Muscovite Vitaly Malko, they have been learning the jazzy, offbeat Balan-chine style from American expert Nanette Glushak.

Date: September 5, 1998
Arts: Another close shave.
By : Judith Mackrell.
If City Ballet of London survives to the millennium, it may go down in history as the pluckiest underdog of British ballet. Despite receiving almost no money from the Arts Council, it stumbles on, buffeted by bankruptcy and the whims of sponsors

The only problem is that a limited budget means it suffers from wildly uneven standards.

Take Balanchine's Donizetti Variations, which opens the new programme. It's a real pleasure to see this choreography, with its masterly changes of pacing and its sophisticated fantasy world of aristocrats playing at peasants. But though individual dancers, like Joanne De Souza and Jee-Hyun Noh, make brave attempts at its wickedly calibrated style, many of the cast struggle visibly.

Date: September 20, 1998
Double helping
BY: David Dougill
For text see

Date: June 8, 1999
Wayne's world of hits
BY: Donald Hutera

Date: June 17, 1999
Aspects of Dance
BY: Emma Manning
Lindinger fared better when he partnered the delightful Joanne de Souza in an excerpt from La Sylphide, and de Souza also scored dancing Don Q with Jean-Claude Nelson.

Date: 18 June 1999
BY: Stephanie Ferguson

He might be less than sylph-like around the middle these days, but dance maestro Wayne Sleep can still twinkle those toes.

The consummate showman, Mr Sleep OBE tapped and hoofed and span his way through this three-act spectacular with dancers from the City Ballet of London.

Other joys were Sleep's Savoy Suite set to a Gilbert and Sullivan medley with a pretty duo for sultry Joanne de Souza, formerly with NBT, and Lindenger.

Date: December 03, 2003
The Nutcracker'Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon St, WC1. 020 7388 8822.
Sun. 7 Dec 2003. 2.30pm & 5.30pm. £15, concs £12.
English National Ballet star Yat-Sen Chang and Joanne de Souza of Chicago's Joffrey Ballet perform alongside more than 100 youngsters aged six to 17 from the West London School of Dance in a performance of Tchaikovsky's classic ballet.

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