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Goan Voice Newsletter: Friday 31 May. 2013

News Summary

Lily Pereira: Old Age Home, Age Old Loss

1 Jun: The Goan. Lar Santa Margarida is a home for the aged in Divar run by the Poor Sisters of Our Lady… “This is my ancestral home,” says the tall, dignified 80- something but sprightly Lily Pereira [ex-Mombasa], adding, “My husband, Custodio Manuel Gomes Pereira, who passed away some time back, and I donated it to the Poor Sisters of Our Lady in 1986 to provide solace to others like us, who have nobody to look after their needs.” The couple continued to live in their home and along with the Sisters, welcomed all who came here seeking succor… Out of the 36 residents of the home, most are from Divar, although the home takes in people from all parts of India and all faiths, and quite a few are unmarried or have no children… 599 words.  click here
The photo of Lily Pereira is a still from a 1986 Channel 4 (UK), TV programme entitled Shadow of the Cross (C4 catalogue number 3671/001 TX 12/2/1986). Approx 37m. 30s into the programme she is seen explaining her motives in giving the land to set up the Old Age Home.  click here

World's 100 best beaches
31 May: CNN. We've scoured the planet, demanded answers from our most well traveled friends, colleagues and cohorts, absorbed passionate pleas from readers, researched, investigated and examined the evidence … Consider this list a premise, a platform from which you can jump into a dazzling, turquoise ocean of "further recommendations." There's a comment box down below -- use it. Or vote now on our Facebook poll -- World's Best Beaches… 45. Patnem Beach, Goa. If the cacophony of flea markets and tourist raves at Anjuna beach aren't your thing, smaller neighbor Patnem is less claustrophobic, with cheaper beach huts. Highlight: It's the perfect place to enjoy the sunset while congratulating yourself on ducking the Goan tourist radar.  click here

Demand for clarity on Goa tourism policy

1 Jun: The Goan. John Spence (photo), Chairman of Royal Goan Beach Club said Goa held a special place in his heart given that he called it a halfway house to India. Over here he said there was a mix of European and Indian culture. The people were friendly, the weather very good and the food was great … However he said that despite his great interest in the state he was not able to expand his operations in Goa. He said “Every year there is consensus that we ought to expand our operations. However let me tell you that in 12 years I have not been able to buy property in the state”. He bemoaned the absence of clarity in the laws of the state with regards to buying property… 486 words.  click here

Editorial: Russian “ business” tourists have broken Goa’s social fabric
1 Jun: The Goan. … The Russian arrivals in Goa in large numbers coincided with the period when they were “ unwelcome” in other parts of Europe. This to a large extent explains their insular ghetto style of living and functioning in Goa, keeping away from other tourists and even more so from Indian and Goan locals … in the Russian dominated areas the benefits of tourism is increasingly being spread within the Russians and doesn’t accrue to Goans… The money they spend is not ploughed back for the benefit of the Goan economy… 751 words.  click here

Qualifying round begins for Russian–Indian music festival in Goa
31 May: ITAR-TASS. More than 25 Indian groups have already applied to take part in the qualifying round for Great Live Music 2014, the second Russian–Indian jazz & rock festival in Goa …  click here

Video: MP Keith Vaz: Indian visa centre to open in Leicester

31 May: BBC. An Indian visa centre is being set up in Leicester after a 20-year campaign, Leicester East MP Keith Vaz said. The Indian government currently runs visa centres in Birmingham and London, as well as Edinburgh and Cardiff. "It's taken more than two decades of campaigning to get this facility. Now it could be opened within a matter of weeks," Mr Vaz said… 1m. 48s.  click here

Prisoner dies of suspected food poisoning in Goa jail
31 May: Business Standard. One prisoner today died while several others have taken ill due to suspected food poisoning at the Aguada Central jail here. According to initial reports, 45 out of 120 prisoners have been admitted to Goa medical college and hospital near here after they complained of uneasiness following breakfast…  click here
120 jail inmates suffer food poisoning in Goa 31 May: Times of India. Around 120 inmates of Central Jail, Aguada have complained of food poisoning on Friday. Six of them have been shifted to state run hospital while others are being treated in the jail itself…  click here
Video: Prudent Media. Food poisoning at Aguada Jail killed a murder convict Mahadev Gaonkar and left another inmate Ganesh Mesta critical… 5m. 02s. click here.

Uganda: Jonathan D’Souza: Managing Director of British American Tobacco

28 May: The Independent (Uganda). BAT managing director Jonathan D’Souza has called on government to find tangible measures to fight illicit trade in the tobacco business so as to enhance fair competition in the industry. D’Souza says this vice, together with illegal tobacco buying in the buying season are causing billions in losses to the company…  click here
14 Jul. 2012: The Independent. Jonathan D’Souza - Grooming new leaders.  click here
Jonathan D’Souza was born in Uganda but now lives in Nairobi and commutes to office in Uganda. His parents, Anizia (born in Bodiem, Goa) and Joseph (born in Poona) migrated to Uganda in 1958 and worked there until 2000, as teachers at the Aga Khan school in Mbale. They now live in Belgaum, India.

Selling property in India and repatriation of money
31 May: Mint. Lately, many non-residents Indians (NRIs), especially from North America and Europe, are coming to India to sell their property. Holding on to real estate in India and maintaining it is not an easy task. Depending on relatives and friends for long is also not feasible. After selling the property, the next challenge is to remit the money back to the country of residence. Though it may sound complicated, but in reality it is not… 871 words.  click here

Russians in Goa

30 May: Goa Streets. By Ashley do Rosario. From a few hundreds in 2003-04, Russians coming to Goa to “soak in the sun” from the cold climes of the Siberian desert have topped the 150,000 mark in 2012-13, Russian Ambassador Alexander Kadakin revealed… Russians had more than a fair share of misadventures, brushes with the law and at times, not-so-pleasant engagement with locals, especially the taxi drivers … 933 words.  click here

Passion for a Goan Way of Life
30 May: Goa Streets. By Jose Lourenco. A young German woman travels to her Goan husband’s homeland and is fascinated by the vibrant Catholicism in Goa… Christina Schulthoff-Fernandes’ book Passion in Paradise was published by Goa 1556 in 2012. This little square shaped book of 75 pages contains photographs of crosses and chapels by the roadside, religious calendars adorning home walls, zagor dancers, imagery of Hindu-Catholic syncretism and many more pictures, along with explanatory text. Streets Editor José Lourenço caught up with Christina during her holiday in Goa… She wants to write a book about traditional music in Goa. 887 words. Photos.  click here

Football: Dempo & Armando Colaco

30 May: Goa Streets. By Ashley do Rosario. There’s no more recognisable face in Goan football than Armando Colaço. Five I-League titles, and the fabulous run of Dempo Sports Club at the Asian Football Confederation Cup where they finished at the last-four stage last year in his 13 long years at the Club’s helm arguably make him the most successful among India’s elite soccer managers… A few days ago, Dempo’s organised a private, farewell party for the long serving coach at a hotel in Panjim. Between his stints as coach and earlier as player, Armando has spent nearly half his adult life at the club (25 years).  click here

Mumbai-Goa highway owes killer tag to delay in expansion
30 May: Times of India. Four head-on collisions this week have killed eight people and injured 14 on the narrow Mumbai-Goa stretch of the NH-17, but work on widening the highway is unlikely to start before 2015… sources said the project will take three to four years to complete … For now, the authorities have adopted temporary measures like installing speedbreakers, rumblers, cat-eyes, reflectors, signages and repairing some mishap-prone stretches.  click here

Magic, the occult and the gullible

30 May: Goa Streets. By Pedro Menezes … more than a few Goans believe that young children are often kidnapped to be used as human sacrifices in Tantric rituals… you’d be hard pressed to find an actual human sacrifice in Goa. But many are not averse to rings, amulets, voodoo chants and even animal sacrifices… One person from Mayem who has been dabbling with these Tantra Mantra experts says astrology plays a big part if you want things to work out, as they seem to have for him… your Tantric expert blocks the evil spells coming from the opposite camp and hurls suitably more evil spells back at the enemy. This is also where the sacred charms and amulets come in … 1234 words.  click here

UK: Forthcoming Events
POSTPONED till further notice. Tiatr, Tiatr. Goan Heritage London Presents "Ghuneau Konnacho" written and directed by King of Political songs FRANCIS DE TUEM, First visit to UK as Director. Accompanied by his famous Goan artistes: Lawry, Marcus, Xavier, Meni Mario, Anil, Olga, Chitra, Com Anita and Master Cameron. POSTPONED till further notice

5 Jun - 14 Jun (Mon. to Fri. 10am - 5pm). Oral Histories of British-Goans project presents Past Lives - The Exhibition. Venue: Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF (Green Park Tube station). For the two page flyer with schedule of planned free Exhibition Events, Tours and Talks click here. Exhibition closes at 2pm on Fri. 14th June 2013. Reserve your choices by emailing

Sun. 16 June. Siolim Union (London) invites you to celebrate the feast of their Patron Saint, St Anthony of Padua, at Archbishop Lanfranc School Hall, Mitcham Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 3AS. Mass at 12 noon prompt followed by dancing to the music of "Maz n Co". Tickets include Snacks and Goan Meal: Members £13.00 Guests £14.00. Children under 12 years old - free entrance. Licensed Bar. Dress Code: Strictly Formal - No Jeans or Trainers allowed. The Siolim Union (London) Committee reserves the right of admission. Book early to avoid disappointment. For tickets, please contact Eugene on 020 86654773, Tony on 020 85403566, Derick on 020 83951084 or Wendy on 020 87680545. For further information and booking details please click here.

Sat: 29 Jun. 12.00pm. G.O.A. Mass for deceased members. Venue: Goan Chaplaincy, St Thomas of Canterbury School, Commonside East, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 1YG. Mass of remembrance for deceased members of our Community celebrated by Fr Francis Rosario SFX, Goan Chaplain. Followed by lunch. Contact: Alfred Rebello on 020 8337 8022, Nina Pinto on 020 8767 0663. For further details go to

Sun 30 Jun: Benaulim Association UK invites you to celebrate the feast of their Patron St John the Baptist at Woodside High School Hall, White Hart Lane, Wood Green N22 5QJ. Holy Mass will start promptly at 1pm, followed by dancing to the sounds of 'RAINBOW'S END. Tickets which include delicious snacks and a meal costs £10 for members and £12 for guests, £5 for Children 6 TO 15 years and FREE for 5 years and under. Please book early to avoid any disappointment. For further details and tickets please call Jack on 0208 903 9017, Mary 0208 803 9752, Josephine 0208 967 7471. For the flyer please click here.

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