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Goan Voice Newsletter: Saturday 11 Oct. 2014


Death: Marie Pereira

9 Oct: Toronto. MARIE PEREIRA. Former teacher St Patrick’s Primary School, Karachi. Wife of the late Albert Pereira. She leaves behind her brother Eddie (Barbara) Lobo; Her children; Seby, Corinne, Marilyn (Patrick) and Bert, grandchildren; Neil (Sam) and Candice; and her two great-grandchildren: Maira and Sarina. Viewing and website: Newediuk Funeral Home ( on Tuesday October 14, 2014, 2058 Kipling Avenue, TO, Ontario. Mass on Wednesday October 14, 2014: Transfiguration of Our Lord, 45 Ludstone Drive, TO, Ontario. Internment: Queen of Heaven Cemetery, 7300 Highway 27 Woodbridge, Ontario. [Info: Pompie Gois]. Condolences to click here.

News Summary

Canada: Merger Talks Canorient and Goan Overseas Association Abandoned

10 Oct: Canorient. We wish to inform the membership that the Canorient has terminated talks on the proposed merger with the Goan Overseas Association (GOA). GOA could not meet one of Canorient's two bottom line conditions that the name of the merged organization could not be The Goan Overseas Association and we were prepared for the new name to contain elements of both our current names. The GOA team was unable to meet our demand although we had indicated this from the very beginning, even before their Special General Meeting. The GOA team appeared more willing to negotiate our other non-negotiable condition that membership eligibility should be broadened from Goans only to the membership eligibility of the Canorient…

Philadelphia: Doctor Doris Fernandes who opposed Birth Control says she was Fired
8 Oct: Courthouse News (USA). The Department of Public Health fired a Catholic physician who refused to administer birth control to adolescents, she claims in court. Dr. Doris Fernandes sued the city and her former supervisors in federal court in Philadelphia. Prior to her termination in November 2013, she had worked as a pediatrician for 35 years at a city-run clinic in West Philadelphia… When the new program was being initiated, she wrote a letter to her supervisor informing him of her religious restrictions, but she received no response. When she brought up the restriction again, she says she was called into a meeting and fired…. She seeks unspecified monetary damages, including punitive damages, declaratory relief and attorneys' fees…  click here

Video: Worst paedophile Raymond Varley hoodwinks India

10 Oct. TimesNowTV. UK court rejects India's plea for extradition of world's worst paedophile Raymond Varley. The court has said Raymond Varley can't be extradited as he is in a state of mental disorder… 4m. 59s.  click here
10 Oct: The News Minute. Child sexual abuser Raymond Varley gets away; will India approach Theresa May? 66-year-old Varley is one of the accused in the Goa orphanage child sexual abuse case tracing back to 1989 which involved many foreign nationals. The racket was run by an Indian called Freddy Peats in Goa… A British Court has refused India's extradition petition. Varley had claimed that he was suffering from dementia … Varley has been charged by the CBI on many counts of sexual abuse including sodomy, indecent assault and taking indecent photographs. At least five children had identified Raymond Varley from photographs and recounted how Varley has abused them…  click here

Mumbai-Goa passenger ship service planned
10 Oct: Travel Mole. Mumbai's shipping authority is italks with operators to start a direct Mumbai-Goa passenger ship service. Two months ago the Maharashtra Maritime Board posted a notice calling for 'expressions of interest' to start the service and is discussing options with four potential operators…  click here

Swindon: Great Western Hospital slams failing PFI contractors - but can it escape?

9 Oct: Open Democracy: By Andy Newman (photo). Disastrous privatisation deals mean failing contractors Carillion have a stranglehold on NHS hospitals, with dangerous results. Swindon’s Great Western Hospital’s Board has issued a damning report into their private contractor, Carillion, accusing it of providing dangerously low levels of food hygiene and cleanliness and damagingly poor employee relations… Carillion is also mired in controversy about unlawful shakedowns of low paid Asian workers at the Great Western Hospital. Asian members of staff were allegedly forced to give gold and other goods to their supervisors to secure their holiday approvals, shift changes and other legal working rights. The complaints go back years. Carillion’s management knew of the allegations as long ago as 2007, but did nothing to protect staff until they went on strike in February 2012… In 2012 Carillion’s 109 staff gave strong evidence of supervisor racism and bullying…  click here

'Bicholim Conflict': Wikipedia editing gone awry
9 Oct: Metro (Canada). In January 2013, an article on the 'Bicholim Conflict' a fictitious fight for Goan independence - fooled the Wikipedia site for five years …
5 Jan. 2013. Daily Mail (UK). A hoaxer managed to fool Wikipedia for more than five years - making up a detailed entry about a war which never occurred. The Bicholim Conflict article has now been removed. It was voted a 'good article' - a Wikipedia badge of honor - and sat happily on the online encyclopedia for more than half a decade. But editors have lately discovered that it was entirely made up… 683 words.  click here

Are Brahmins Jews?

10 Oct: Herald. By Adv. Radharao F. Gracias (Photo). The modern history of the Jews begins with their first patriarch Abraham who was married to Sarai, his half sister. The Jews were conquered by the Assyrians in 732 BC. Ten of the twelve tribes were taken captives, exiled and are known in Jewish lore as the “lost tribes”… There has been a theory that the Brahmins in India are the descendants of at least some of the Jewish “lost tribes”. There appears to be mounting, and impressive evidence in support of this thesis. Let us have a look… Abraham was the first Jewish patriarch and he was married to Sarai. One can easily see “Abraham” mutating to “Brahma” and “Sarai” to “Saraswati”. We all know that the Hindu God ‘Brahma’ is married to ‘Saraswati’… 1144 words.  click here

Gaitonde & Souza: two friends from Goa
11 Oct: The Hindu. The journey of a painting that V.S. Gaitonde gifted to his friend Francis Newton Souza—and what it says about the two artists. By Vivek Menezes. Gaitonde & Souza: two friends from Goa ‘Monsoon’, which Gaitonde gifted to Souza, and Souza gifted to the writer. Photo. 1231 words.  click here

Long weekends... does Goa have space to host the masses?

11 Oct: Times of India. Chaos reigned last weekend, as an unprecedented tsunami of bargain-seeking Indian tourists overwhelmed Goa's infrastructure. The oceanfront was thronged with thick crowds, the traffic on all roads leading to all beaches became congested to crawling, and more than 100,000 vehicles poured into little Panaji bringing the capital to a total standstill. Goans watched aghast as hordes of cross-border visitors set up cooking fires in any available space, and turned the roadside into toilets. Extraordinary mountains of garbage piled up everywhere, but especially on the seafront, where long queues of men and women lined up to relieve themselves in the bushes, and innumerable glass bottles of alcohol were smashed into the sands… 771 words.  click here

Video: Short Films You Need to See Before You Die!
9 Oct: NDTV. … The Whirlwind Trap, a film about a couple who decides to take a break from their hectic lives and go to Goa for a relaxing holiday. But the holiday doesn't exactly go to plan, and ends up changing their lives forever. Segment at 10m.30s to 24m.10s.  click here

Ex-Bollywood guys make a 'Goan movie'

10 Oct: Times of India. Shanawaz Nelikunnil describes CandyFlip as "a story that reflects the unfortunate plight of hundreds of people, both locals and tourists, every year, who lose their minds, or in street terms - 'flip out' - because of overdose of recreational drugs." … He continues, "CandyFlip is the outcome of a meeting I had with this happy-go-lucky local, who had once tripped over a drink and was never the same again. Every character in the film is someone or the other whom I have met in Goa. They are all real." … Clear from the onset that CandyFlip won't be a preachy film and neither a deja vu story, Shanawaz was clear that this film, which is a mix of Konkani, English, Hindi and a bit of Russian, would be different from the many films made based on the drug situation in Goa… 1039 words.  click here

Myth about Goan stereotypes in Bollywood
10 Oct: Navhind Times. By Sachin Chatte. To continue with the issue of Goan stereotypes in Bollywood films, which came up again with the release of Finding Fanny (you can read the previous article at, here are some more thoughts on it. Let me argue, in effect, that the myth of the Goan stereotype flows not so much from the sins of Bollywood as from a fiction that persists because it is so much easier to lay the blame on Mumbai… 1380 words.  click here

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